Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dear Loyal Readers and People Who Found Me through Google by Searching for Female Fauxhawk,

A mere week ago I was a lowly unknown blogger with dreams of being discovered for my cunning wit and keen observations on pop culture. I mean really, there just weren't enough people talking about indie rock and the exploits of Britney Spears. Thanks to an undemanding day job, I was able to fill that void with daily posts for almost a year.

But now that too has left me feeling empty, so I’ve decided to do what any young woman living in Los Angeles would do when that happens...throw myself into a new and trendy religion! I’ve decided to go search out the next new thing, which means I will be scanning the globe looking for people in robes and running shoes offering me free brunches and cute jewelry that symbolize my loyalty to their cult. That or zombies. I like zombies.

I know Scientology is not for me because in order to be one of them you have to want to be an actor, and after living here for a period of time you grow scared of people with these aspirations. All they talk about are head shots, agents, and nailing auditions that turn out to be for soft-core porn movies. Plus they can never meet you out for a drink because their waitress/bartender job always gets in the way.

Then I thought maybe I would get into the Kabbalah, but I think that red string would clash with the majority of my wardrobe. I’m still doing some research on other popular ones, so if any of you have any information on what a Mennonite is (and if the all black wardrobe is by choice or mandate from God), or can clear up whether or not the Moonies provide group health coverage, please email me at sosaysi... I’ll still be using that e-mail. No Seventh-Day Adventists need respond (sinners).

Unfortunately with my travel plans and impending devotion to some unpronounceable fake god, I say with great sadness, this is the last update for So Says I.

Viva Zapata,

Friday, August 20, 2004

At the Movies ©

All the links below now take you to the trailers for these movies since a lot of the ones opening this week I haven’t really heard much about. Plus it’s foggy here this morning, and I love watching trailers on a foggy day.

Opening this Week
Exorcist the Beginning
I’d rather watch the E! True Hollywood Story behind the filming of the Original Exorcist.

Mean Creek
This is Rory Culkin (Macaulay and Kieran’s little brother) first starring role. I like those Culkin kids.

Without a Paddle…or a good script.

Benji: Off the Leash!
What’s with animal movies having the same format to their titles? i.e. Garfield: the Movie!

Nicotina (limited)
Stars Diego Luna... that’s all you really need to know.

Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War
Though it might seem like everyone is striking while the iron is hot and putting out politically charged documentaries, you should still try to get your information for more than one source and not only see the most popular one.

The Women of Rosenstrasse (limited)

Bright Young Things (limited)

Top of the Box
1. Alien Vs. Predator
2. The Princess Diaries 2
3. Collateral
4. Yu-Gi-Oh!
5. The Bourne Supremacy

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Finally, you too can sleep safe…

in your own bullet proof bed.

Biggest Instore Ever

According to Amoeba staffers, the Rilo Kiley instore last night brought in more people than PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age, Franz Ferdinand, and anyone else they have ever had perform there. I had no idea the buzz on this band was this big already. If you don’t already know who Rilo Kiley is, you soon will.

The band sounded great, the new songs are already classics, and Jenny Lewis is the new Gwen Steffani. Go buy this album now. Even if you don’t like music or think you’re not cool enough or too old for something considered “hipster,” you will like this. If not, you’re dead inside. Just thought you should know.

Speaking of dead inside, this picture of Rilo Kiley with Conor Oberst is for the certain someone who shall remain nameless.

Monday, August 16, 2004

On Tap

Monday, 8/16
The Music @ Troubadour
This band really needs to change their name.

Gram Rabbit @ Echo

PJ Harvey @ Knitting Factory
She is also performing on Tuesday, but of course, both of these nights are sold out.

Tuesday, 8/17
Rilo Kiley instore @ Amoeba
Their new album is easily one of my favorite albums of the year.

Liz Phair/The Cardigans @ House of Blues

Wednesday, 8/18
Liz Phair/The Cardigans @ House of Blues

Marah @ Spaceland
Read this piece by Nick Hornby about Marah. It will make you want to go see them, but if you still need more convincing, Springsteen is also supposedly a fan.

Thursday, 8/19
The Donnas @ The Echo
I’ve said this before, but if this band were made up of dudes everyone would say they were horrible.

Friday, 8/20
The Unicorns @ The Echo

Saturday, 8/21 & Sunday, 8/22
Sunset Junction
I wonder how much I could get by renting out my garage as parking for this.

Bands performing:
The Like
On the Speakers
The Unicorns
Ima Robot
Ben Kweller
The Donnas
Dios (Malos)
Juliette and the Licks

Friday, August 13, 2004

At the Movies ©

Opening this Week

Alien vs. Predator
My money’s on the Predator just because he reminds me of Boba Fett.

The Princess Diaries 2
What’s the difference between this and the Hillary Duff movie?

I think it’s a Pokemon spin-off type thing.

We Don’t Live Here Anymore (Limited)
The cast is great (Mark Ruffalo, Peter Krauss, Naomi Watts and Laura Dern), it won at Sundance, and people are already talking Golden Globes.

Tom Dowd and the Language of Music (limited)
Documentary about producer who worked with John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, and many others.

Top of the Box
1. Collateral
2. The Village
3. The Bourne Supremacy
4. Manchurian Candidate
5. Little Black Book

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Really old news

So I said I was going to give a recap of my first trip out to the great Mid-West, but this week has gotten away from me so I’m only getting to it now. At this point, if you know me, I’ve pretty much given you all the details which included getting laid over in Chicago, traveling around and in Detroit, seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and wishing someone a Happy Birthday. Basically, it was ridiculously fun. Thanks to everyone there for being so extremely nice and making it such a great weekend. I’m not sure that my publicist approved all those photos however.

And in more week-old-news, it’s finally been announced that Jess is the new editor of Gawker. Since she’s moved onto bigger and better things, which we know she will be great at, she’s left our little group of friends one girl short. So Craig, Robert, Randy and I will be holding auditions for a second girl. Must be funny, have unique uses for Tiffany pouches, like to heckle rock stars, and not mind watching a lot of zombie movies. Snarkiness a plus.

Speaking of Randy, he and Moss have totally become a nation-wide sensation with their Save Mary Kate t-shirts. Moss was on CNN yesterday, and Eonline did a feature on them. Hurry up and order one now before everyone has them and Urban Outfitters starts selling knock offs.

And now in non-name dropping blogger news:
New Kids on the Block to be featured on an up-coming episode of VH1’s Bands Reunited. The ten-year-old girl in me is very excited. (via Stereogum)

If you live in LA, today starts the Don’t Knock the Rock festival which is basically a weekend full of music movies and great shows. More info here.

And finally, how about a blind item?
Which indie rock band who is currently being courted by the majors met with Atlantic Records yesterday? If you have no idea, ask Seth Cohen.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Good Deed Day

Some of you might be familiar with the Billions Booking Agency. They book tours for some really great bands such as Idlewild, The Standard, New Pornographers, Sea Ray, and Wire. I’m mentioning them because one of their agents lost their house in a fire this past Friday because of arson. Below is the full story with ways to help her, her husband, and young son who lost pretty much everything because of it.

Ok people, good Karma awaits.

“Billions agent Ali Giampino, her husband Scott, and their son Max became victims of arson at their Seattle area home early in the morning of Friday, August 6. Shortly before 1:00 AM, Ali woke to sounds of breaking glass and fire engulfing their home. Thankfully, all three of them escaped unharmed but their two cats, their possessions, and their home did not fare as well. They have lost virtually everything.

They are fully insured and will eventually be able to rebuild and replace much of what was destroyed. In the meantime, an account has been set up at US Bank and donations are currently being accepted from those willing and able to help. The account is called "The GiampinoFund" and you may make donations at any branch in the country. Please quote account #153556105382 when doing so. You may also need to reference Denise Maupin as the person who established the account.
Donations can also be mailed to:

US Bank
attn: Misty Budworth / Giampino Fund
1525 First Avenue-Suite 4
Seattle, WA 98101
re: The Giampino Fund
Credit Card donations can be made through the following PayPal account. The funds are set up to be transferred into the above US Bank account:

PayPal | The Giampino Fund
Go to
Select "Make Payments"
The email that will pull up the Giampino Fund is:
The Capitol Hill branch of Sonic Boom Records (in Seattle, WA) is also currently accepting donations. Since the Giampinos are without a home, the most useful items are money, gift certificates, and good thoughts. Max could use some clothing (size 4T or 5T), books, and toys (Clifford The Big Red Dog, Tonka trucks, and similar things). The fire has officially been declared an arson and agents from the Washington Insurance Council, the Arson Alarm Foundation and the ATF are offering a $38,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the parties responsible for the fires. Anyone with information should call 1-800-55ARSON.Ali and Scott convey their heartfelt thanks for the tremendous outpouring of sympathy and support. Please feel free to forward this information to anyone interested.”


UPDATE: Unplugging Bush just got a little more affordable. Tickets to the ReDefeat Bush fundraiser tonight featuring Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Michelle Shocked + more is now $22.50 opposed to $50. Buy them here.

PJ Harvey is doing an instore performance at Amoeba this Thursday. You’ll want to get there early. Show starts at 7pm. (Thanks Mo for the tip).

Also, a zombie movie is being made at Chernobyl. This just might top The Goonies as my favorite movie of all time. (Thanks to Matthew for knowing I am as obsessed with nuclear power plants as I am with zombies.)