Friday, November 07, 2003

And so it begins...

Postings from one small town girl getting swept up in the Los Angeles nightlife. Great. Another Silverlake hipster with a blog. Why should you care? Because politics, art, music and gossip are fun to read about. Because IM is stupid and what else are you going to do at work? Because Friendster is a cult and you should stop wasting your time there. Because I will tell you about the juicy details of wannabe name-droppers trying to play off their ironic costumes as post-modern.

That brings me to my first installment. The AFI Kickoff screening and party. I attended thanks to a talented friend and DJ, who was spinning at the after party. First up was the screening of Calendar Girls, a "Full Monty" but with girls. Some likened it to Waking Ned Divine, but I never saw that movie. So every person that said that to me last night just got blank stares in return. The movie was enjoyable, though longer than needed be. The first hour was the hollywood movie, the second hour secured its indie-status. To sum up, people saying older women are beautiful is a good thing in my book. Kudos. Let's hope we all keep that well into our 60's.

And finally the after party... held at the Henry Fonda Theatre, my new favorite venue thanks to that friggin cool open roof where you can escape, smoke (not that I do), and still see and hear what's going on in the main room thanks to it being projected on the side of the building. Does it get any cooler? Oh yeah, it does. There was an open bar and free food. After partaking in the aforementioned, I joined talented friend on the cramped, run-down, balcony in the Fonda for her set. People danced. Someone did a back flip. Don't they screen their volunteers first these days?

And finally, no party would be complete without running into someone you know. Mine was a random hook-up from a SXSW past. You know those festival whores that you run into at all of these types of things? CMJ, SXSW, AFI, SUNDANCE... I guess it takes one know... but regardless, I saw him, we joked, we laughed, and now he's going to call me. Festival hook-ups should stay in the festival. Damn that open bar.

I was just alerted that Luke Perry is in the reception area of my building at work. It's amazing that once A-listers--now C at best--still get a rise out of people when they spot them on the street. We are all suckers for nostalgia.

So says I...