Thursday, November 13, 2003

Don't upset the TiVo owner

My friend Brian, a TIVO owner, of course had a retort to this morning’s post.

“TiVo stock is falling because the market is being diluted by lesser products. Most major cable operators offer their own digital video recorders to subscribers, albeit without the great features that make TiVo so cool. So what most people predict will happen is that eventually almost everyone will have a set-top digital recorder, but what they won't have are Season Passes, Wishlists, 30-second skip and other TiVo features.”

He then continued on (without encouragement) about how much there actually is on TV to TiVo. And no, he doesn’t work for the company.

This all comes from a person that thinks The Apple is cinematic genius.

I don’t dare disagree with him. I like to keep on the good side of my TiVo-owning friends.