Thursday, November 20, 2003

Dulli’s the Man

Greg Dulli’s new band, the Twilight Singers, is currently on tour and in the spirit of his old band (Afghan Whigs) are kicking ass. Literally.
While in NYC, Greg was at a bar when some girl starting pointing at him while doing the whole, “that guy looks familiar” thing. Turns out, the girl was with a member of that band Thursday, who decided to play tough guy and approach Greg and say to his girl “Oh Yeah, this guy was famous for about a week 10 years ago.” This cocky little thing then went on to sing from "Milez Iz Ded" (Afghan song from Congregation) “don’t forget the alcohol, oooh, baby.”
So Greg, being Greg Dulli, threw his Maker’s in the guy’s face. Thursday dude starts to protest, but Greg retorts “See, I didn’t forget the alcohol.” Greg then reached for that girl’s White Russian type drink and threw that on him as well. Thursday guy then slips on all the spillage and hit his head on the table and started bleeding.

Dulli’s such a badass; he doesn’t even have to touch someone to beat them up.

Moral of the story: have some respect, otherwise you are just another undistinguishable screamo band that no one will even recognize enough to bother while in a bar 10 years later.