Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hitting the Town

Did I mention Matthew’s in town? (“I know him. I KNOW him!” – Will Ferrell, ELF, 2003.)
Yesterday we started our evening with a late afternoon screening of The Station Agent. If you haven’t seen this movie, do yourself a favor and go. Brilliant acting, funny and beautifully shot, The Station Agent is tall treat about a short man.
Afterwards we walked to The Standard on Sunset. I love The Standard, but prefer the one downtown. But that’s just me. The best thing about these hip, trendy hotels? They have excellent customer service. You would expect them to be elitist, but their staff is so friendly and inviting, unlike the next establishment we visted—Bar Marmont at the infamous Château Marmont. This place is great to go to when it’s raining because it feels like you are in Hitchcock movie. But the dead butterflies on the ceiling are creepy.
Finally we came back to my ‘hood to the old stand-by 4100. What’s great about 4100 is that you can go and get all dressed up and it can still be a big night on the town. Or you can go in jeans a t-shirt for a beer, and still fit in.
Realizing we forgot to eat dinner during this madness and had been over-served throughout the night, Matthew and I went over to Astro’s for a bite. Here I beat him at table football 20-19. We also decided that avocados are delicious.