Friday, November 14, 2003

Hockey Night

My department was invited by one of its clients to the LA Kings game last night against the Maple Leafs at the Staples Center. They rented us out a skybox and provided food and drinks (anyone beginning to notice a trend developing here?) Wasn’t that nice?
I love hockey and I really I don’t understand why football, basketball and baseball are more popular here in the States. In football, overweight men run around for 2 seconds before they fall down. End of play. And they call this a sport? In basketball, abnormally tall men run up and down this court taking turns dunking on each other. (If you really like the game of basketball, you watch college basketball. The NBA is just a bunch of showboats.) Baseball also has out-of-shape men, who occasionally run around some bases, but mostly stand around and wait until the ball gets hit in their direction. Oh, and once in awhile they get to swing a bat. BOR-ING. But in Hockey, you have hunky foreigners moving around at all times in search of this cold, hard puck which they must sneak past their opposing goalie. If that isn’t hard enough, they are put on ice with only a thin metal blade to slide around on. And it gets better… they are encouraged to fight!
This particular game had plenty of fights thanks to Tie Domi (Maple Leafer who is notorious for fighting), the biggest goon since Tony Soprano. For the majority of the game, the Kings had a huge lead. By the end of the third period, the Maple Leafs tied the game. So that means over-time. Over-time is one 5 minute mini-period, where if no one scores, the game ends in a tie. Well, the Kings tied the Leafs last night at 4 to 4. I hate that rule. Shouldn’t they play until someone wins? Don’t we steal the idea of sports in arenas from the Greeks, where they played until someone died? Where there was a definite end? Are we not disappointing our ancestors by just quitting after a 5 minute extra period and calling it quits?! Finish the game! Let’s have a winner. Man, that is so annoying. It’s like ordering a meal at a restaurant and leaving before it gets to your table. Why bother going out to eat? Why bother watching a game if no one wins?
Who do I need to speak with to fix this rule?