Wednesday, November 19, 2003

How’s this for being a hypocrite?

DIRECT TV + TIVO FOR LESS THAN YOUR CABLE BILL CAVEATS: deal only available at Best Buy, extreme winds can affect picture, and different deals for multi-room packages. Adelphia is raising cable rates by THIRTY percent next month, so screw 'em. Direct TV is basically GIVING AWAY the works in order to get you hooked. Normally, all this would run you around $500:

Direct TV dish: $50 -$50 rebate= $0
Receiver WITH TIVO (40 hour model): $95 (TiVo box normally $250)
Installation: FREE
Basic Cable: $40
1 premium add-on (HBO, etc): $12 / month (PLUS first 3 months free)
TiVo service: $5 / month (normally $12 / month)

Other add-ons available, like sports & stuff.

Even with all that, it's STILL cheaper than my Adelphia bill's new or old rates.

Again, thanks to Scott Perry for rocking so hard and letting the people know about this. I loathe Adelphia, and it’s about time I stop giving them money.