Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I Guess This is Growing Up

On my hour-and-a-half,nine mile commute home from work last night my friend Scott called me and offered me tickets to see Blink 182 at the Avalon. They are doing a 2-night stand there in order to promote their new album that is released today.
I used to love Blink back in the day. I remember in high school just getting my driver’s license and driving to the mall while blasting Dude Ranch. It was my first taste of freedom, being able to drive to a Hot Dog on a Stick whenever I wanted while listening to my music way too loud. So though I’ve out-grown the pop-punk genre, I will always have a soft spot for it in my heart.
I was really interested in seeing how Blink was pulling off their newly matured sound and persona. They have wives and children now, and have managed to make this band their day job. It’s a long cry from seeing them in 200 capacity clubs where they would ask their teenage audience to see their “boobies.” (They’ve since denounced such behavior saying when young girls flash them now it bums them out.) Last night, they tore through a 45-minute set, trying to fit in an hour’s worth of material. It just seemed rushed and obligatory. They weren’t having fun, aside from Travis, probably one of the best drummers out there today. Their stage banter was even just a tad off and forced. It just wasn’t the same. But when I looked into the crowd and saw a huge mosh pit of thirteen-year-old boys having the time of their life, I realized maybe Blink’s show hasn’t really changed at all. Maybe I’ve just grown up.