Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Maybe the valet isn’t so bad

Last night we celebrated Alex’s birthday with a Sushi dinner. I, being morally opposed to valet, think I find this awesome rockstar parking spot just around the corner. Score. We have a lovely dinner. I don’t mind splurging since Alex is a good friend and no one likes the person that comes to dinner and only has a glass of water because they don’t want to spend money, so I eat myself into a food coma. After dinner, I had some time before I had to go the Viper Room, so we all went to Daddy's. I go back to my car and find another fucking parking ticket. For those of you keeping track, that is three tickets in the past four weeks (one was a driving violation, 2 were parking). With my recent auto repairs, I’m up to spending $640 on my car in the last month. And I don’t even drive anything nice. I’m pissed. Really pissed. But it’s Alex’s birthday, so I move onto Daddy’s with a brave face. Daddy’s is cool, but I need to hightail it to the Viper Room so I don’t miss the Peels for the third time this weekend.

I make it in time for the show (I pay for parking because there is no way I’m risking another ticket), thanks to the fact that everyone has left LA and there is no traffic for once. A lot of friends are there, which is really nice. After their set, I realize I’m still only working on 3 hours of sleep and now it’s 1am so I’ve already screwed up that night’s sleep as well. I head home. I’m still a little grumpy. I pass the Whiskey, Roxy and Rainbow Room while walking on Sunset back to my car. I realize these are places that I never thought I’d actually see go to or see in person while growing up in NJ. So I pep-talk myself into not taking these kinds of things for granted, and to stop being grumpy. It almost works.

This morning I’m tired, but excited for the Twilight Singers show tonight with Mo. I just hope I can fit in a disco nap or something.