Sunday, November 23, 2003


The party last night was F-U-N. Thanks everyone for coming out. I don’t really have anything interesting to say about it or juicy details to reveal. It definitely wasn’t boring, but there also wasn’t any drama. I appreciate that. I drank too many Rock Stars in the beginning of the night (they are like Red Bull times two if you’ve never heard of them), so I was a little hyper. I figured it’s better to have a hyper host than a drunk one.

After only getting two hours sleep, I went to the Sleepy Jackson in store at Amoeba this afternoon with my new friend Debbie. They were enjoyable, kind of like My Morning Jacket, but without all the hair and from Australia. Though I was supposed to go see The Peels tonight, I needed to come home and go to bed, which I did. Now it’s 3am, and I’m wide-awake. I should have just stayed up and went out anyway just to stay on a normal sleep schedule.

This is a boring entry. I apologize. It's 3am. What do you want from me?