Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Pink Ladies

Broken Social Scene are an amazing band. They’re more than a band, they are musicians. I was completely blown away by their performance at the in-store. Members of Stars, another band I’ve been meaning to see, joined them onstage. There were two trombone players, trumpet player (no, they aren’t a ska band), keyboardist, drummer, two guitar players, bassist, and a guest singer all on stage at once. With nine musicians on stage, they produced a really lush sound. Slipknot should take notes.

Then I went to Spaceland to see Midnight Movies. They were clever. They play music that sounds like it should accompany a movie. They also project an old movie on a white curtain behind them while they play. So their entire set is like a live score to whatever they are projecting, thus the name Midnight Movies. Like I said, they were clever. I just won’t be listening to them in my car and singing along anytime soon.

The highlight had to be while I was waiting for my friend to get a drink and had to stand next to Linda Perry and her cohorts. Linda actually said, “I don’t have a job, I have sugar-mommies.” Like she was being cued, in strutted Pink and her entourage. Pink was wasted and barging (thought politely) in and out of the iron lung (room in Spaceland where you can—gasp—smoke indoors) looking for Linda. Who knew they were indie-rockers?

Oh and my car cost me $300 to fix. I HATE DRIVING AND HAVING A CAR. Needing a car is LA's biggest flaw.