Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Return of the Greatest Movie Ever Made

Of course I’m talking about The Goonies. Turns out, Richard Donner (the director of The Goonies) and Steven Spielberg (who co-wrote and executive produced it) have purchased a sequel script and are working towards getting the darn thing made.

Donner is reported as saying the sequel will bring back the original cast together which includes now hobbit Sean Astin, Surreal World cast member Corey Feldman, Diane Lane dating Josh Brolin, along with a new cast of kids who will be called “The Groonies.”

Turns out Data’s character grew up and owns an electronic repair shop where a bunch of kids hang out. Um, ok. And he calls this group of kids The Groonies instead of Goonies because of his wacky accent. These Groonies get themselves into a bit of trouble, and the original Goonies come together to save them. Since I love the original, I will hold my tongue before saying anything negative about this sequel. All I’m saying is that it better be good, and it better have Chunk in it.

I actually knew of this for over 24 hours, but was sworn to secrecy by my friend who tipped me off, since his music television news site had to have the exclusive (like this site even compares to theirs). I’m proud of myself for holding this one in so long though. I deserve a cookie.

This comes on the heels of the 32 Candles news… the sequel to 16 Candles. I know the ‘80s are back and all, but can’t the film industry come up with anything new anymore?