Thursday, November 20, 2003

Say it ain’t so Billy!

In case you are too lazy to actually click on my links, I will give you to this little ditty from Page Six:

BILLY Crudup has coldly walked out on his girlfriend of seven years, Mary Louise Parker, who is 7 1/2 months pregnant with his child, sources say - and it's because he fell in love with his longtime pal Claire Danes. ‘They have been friends for years,’ a spy said. ‘They share the same agent and know each other from the New York scene, but they never got romantically involved until they starred in this last movie together ('Compleat Female Stage Beauty.')" Another Hollywood insider said: ‘Claire left [rocker boyfriend] Ben Lee, and she and Billy say they are now in love. Everyone is appalled with Billy and what he has done to Mary Louise.’ Parker, for her part, is upset, but bravely putting on a good face for her ‘Angels in America’ press appearances. ‘She is holding it together,’ Parker's rep said. Danes' rep said she and Crudup ‘have been friends for 10 years, they are not romantically involved.’”

No, Billy, No! I’m not begrudging Billy his happiness in finding a mate just because we haven’t been introduced yet, but to leave your pregnant girlfriend… that just seems so… so…

And poor Ben Lee... His albums get progressively worse, his latest a perfect example of that, and now this. It’s ok Ben. I’m here for you.

I would otherwise be supportive of this collaboration. Almost Famous meets My So Called Life. Awesome. I just wish it were under better terms.