Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Strippers, Vodka and Vitamin Water

Went to a typical Hollywood fashion party last night held at a retail store after-hours on Cahuenga thanks to my good friend Charlie who invited me. I love these things. Strippers dancing on poles in bikinis who are considered real "dancers," complementary drinks which consist of vodka and flavored vitamin water, and girls with that fake-mohawk haircut. At least there weren't any trucker hats. But a girl did have a bleeding foot after someone stepped on them with their equally pointed stiletto heal. Ouch. I did have fun though, and surprisingly enough, I knew people there. I didn't realize I ran in such circles. Someone get me home to NJ quick before I acquire a taste for vitamin water. (Does anyone else find this gross?)

For those of you who stayed home got to see Rich Girls on MTV, my new favorite show. If you haven't seen it, you must try to catch one of its reruns this weekend. Brought to you by the network that started the whole reality television thing with Real World, Rich Girls follow around two wealthy NYC 18 year olds. One of them is Tommy Hilfiger's daughter. A quote from last night's program from one of the girls while watching a film about poor third-world children: "I'll admit it. I'll buy a pair of shoes for $400 dollars. It's like, hello?" It IS like hello. So wise. Thank you Rich Girls.