Thursday, November 13, 2003

Things I like

IT HAILED IN LA. I woke up to a news report showing hail in South Los Angeles that had accumulated so much it looked like a snowstorm. The apocalypse is near. Which brings me to Things I Like:

The Rain. It’s rained here yesterday. When I lived in Seattle, I would live for the days when the sun was out. Now that I live in LA, I live for the rainy days. The grass is always greener I guess. Actually, no it’s not. I would take LA weather over Seattle weather any day of the week. I may not be able to see the mountains in front of me because of the smog, but at least it’s sunny.

Staying in. Sometimes it’s actually nice to stay home, read, or catch up on some bad television. SIDE NOTE: TIVO stock continues to decrease in value. Why is this genius invention not taking over the world? Because there is nothing on TV worth TIVO-ing. MTV/VH1 reruns all its programs until the point you can recite every word. Carnival is a disappointment. Just bring me back Sex in the City and Sopranos, and I’ll be a happy girl. And don’t even get me started on network TV… Let’s just say if it weren’t for Bravo and BBC America, I would just give up altogether on television. (Ok, this is a blatant lie. I’ll never give up television.)

UCLA Live: Has great performances by dancers, writers, musicians, artists, etc. Where else can you see David Sedaris and Mikhail Baryshnikov appear on the same stage? (But not on the same night). Go get some culture people.

The Arclight: Best movie theatre in LA. Just don’t try the BBQ Watermelon pesto hotdog. Really don’t. It does exist, and the only edible part of it is the bun. My brother can back me up on this one.

Amoeba Records: Obvious, I know. It’s all about the used section.

Hotel Café: Great little venue. Perfect for the singer songwriter. They hosted a benefit night when I was raising money for my triathlon, so I like them.

Craigslist: It’s nothing special to look at, but I’ve managed to buy a fridge, couch, and dvd player here. They probably have one in your city too.

I know there are more things that I like, but I’ll save them for another entry. I’m trying to make some of this positive, since I’ve already gotten flack for being so jaded-sounding on this site. And I’m not jaded…. I’m just not easily impressed.