Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Arclight: how I love thee

For you movie buffs, the Arclight has Q&A sessions before screenings. My bro and I went to one once with Jack Black before a screening of High Fidelity. It was worth paying $11 for a movie I've already seen a million times. Here is the list of their up-coming ones. All tickets can be bought at the Arclight website.

Tuesday, 1/6/04, 7:30pm: Director GEORGE CLOONEY (ed note: OMG!) in a Q&A presentation following his film "CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND". Tickets on sale now.

Tuesday, 1/13/04, 7:30pm: Writer/Director VICTOR SALVA in
a Q&A presentation following his film "JEEPERS CREEPERS 2." Tickets on sale now.

Tuesday, 1/20/04, 7:30pm: Writer/Director JAMES CAMERON in
a Q&A presentation following his film "TERMINATOR 2:
JUDGMENT DAY". Tickets on sale now.

To The Bat Cave

Last night I went to Little Cave in Highland Park. At first I couldn’t imagine people actually making the trek to Highland Park just to go to a bar, but I soon found out that if you have certain people DJ, they will come. Members of Grandaddy and Polyphonic Spree did the honors last night, and the indie kids showed up in flocks. The trend of watching your favorite bands play records, ahem… I mean DJ, begs the question; “Why do we care?” I don’t particularly love Grandaddy or Polyphonic Spree, but when I heard they were DJing I knew I was going to go all the way out to Highland Park instead of original plan of going to one of the regular haunts closer to home. I guess I figured they would play good records, and I would know people there, etc., but that isn’t any different than going to, say the Beauty Bar, and seeing one of the local kids DJ good music as well.

Prime example: Carlos from Interpol is DJing tonight at Club Bang and people will pay $40 just to see him play his favorite records. Interpol doesn’t even bring in that much when they play live. I know it’s New Year’s and all, but isn’t that crazy? I adore Interpol, and Carlos for that matter, but I’m not going to spend my New Year’s watching him spin records just because he’s in a band that I like a lot (though I have been known to in the past). It’s just disappointing because they stand there, put on a record, maybe bop their head, and that’s it. I’d rather see him flaying around with a bass guitar or something, but that’s just me. But it is fun the first time to hear the songs they pick. It’s like the inner Tiger Beat in me coming out and making a mental list of songs that bands I like listen to.

And finally, where does this trend stop? Now everyone’s a DJ, some of whom’s only qualification is an extensive music collection (and not even on vinyl). They’re not creating music like some DJ’s, or not even putting their own spin on it by combining one song over another. They just hit just play. Call me old school, but a well stocked juke box worked just fine for me.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Mission of Burma has signed with Matador to put out a new album. Earplugs this time guys, earplugs.

David Bowie turned down being knighted by the Queen of England. John Cleese and Kenneth Branagh also said no thanks. That rules. (Via Productshop)

Interscope will release "Unsung: The Best of Helmet (1991-1997)," in January 2004. Page let me down by working with Limp Bizkit and dating Winonna, but all can be forgiven if he will just tour.

The government says to stop using ephedra now. It’s time for the house wives to buy their drugs illegally like everyone else.

The New York Times asks the hard question: Which is better: Rich Girls or The Simple Life?

International Noise Conspiracy will be on this year’s Warped Tour. WTF?

Chris Kirkwood, who used to be the Meat Puppets bassist, was shot by a rent-o-cop. He’s going to be ok, but since when do parking lot security guards carry guns?

Monday, December 29, 2003

On Tap

Los Angeles has itself a new radio station – Indie 103.1fm. This rock station has taken over that dance station that played that remix of “Heaven” over and over again. So I’ve been listening to Indie 103 to see if it really is a good as everyone is telling me it is supposed to be. This morning I heard Soundgarden, Weezer and the Dandy Warhols on the way into work. The first time I tuned in I heard Iggy Pop with Sum 41 (that song is a whole ‘nother post… don’t even get me started on that piece of crap). The verdict? It’s better than KROQ, but not as good as KXLU or KCRW. And hello, I haven’t heard an indie song on that station yet. Indie means independent music, as in, put out on independent labels. Maybe they mean that they are independent, as if they aren’t owned by Clear Channel, but I don’t see how that is possible these days. Regardless, it’s another option on the dial and I doubt they will play Sublime and 311 like it’s 1994 a ‘la KROQ.

And since the only night people will really care about this week is New Year’s, here’s a listing of what do in LA on the most over-hyped night of the year (besides hiding in your bomb shelter).

Polyphonic Spree/Grandaddy @ Wiltern
This will be a good show, but not New Year’s worthy.

Oakenfold & Crystal Method @ GIANT: Bonaventura Hotel
This is the mecca for those dance music enthusiasts.

DJ Carlos D (of Interpol) @ Club Bang!
I heart Carlos.

Digweed @ Avalon
If the Giant thing isn’t enough for you…

The Motels @ The Whiskey

Dramarama/On the Speakers @ The Roxy
On the Speakers are a good band. Dramarama… is that like Bananarama?

Detroit Cobras @ Spaceland
This would be cool too, but I don’t feel like seeing a band on New Year’s.

The Strokes/King of Leon @ some arena in Vegas.
The Strokes are the worst band live ever. Pass it on.

Lady Mo @ The Burgundy Room
You need to dress up 1920’s gansta style to get into this party.

David Lee Roth @ House of Blues
Let’s give the man credit for not feeling desperate enough to change anything about him since 1981. Pink/Britney/Christina went through their image make-over after only one album.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

I have ADD

Dear Netflix: I quit. I’ve had the same three DVD’s for the past three months, at $20 per month, that $20 per DVD. I might has well have bought them. I’m finally sitting down right now, trying to watch all three just so I can send them back and quit my subscription, but obviously I’m blogging as well. So that just goes to show you how little of an attention span I have for watching DVD’s right now. I don’t know what has happened to me. I used to rent movies all the time and watch them, but now I’m suddenly either not home enough or can’t focus. The three movies I’m trying to watch are: George Washington, A Decade Under the Influence and 400 Blows (sorry Matthew… I still haven’t watched this one). Oh yeah, and I’m still on page 20 for that book as well. When did recreation become such a drag?

I did manage to sit myself down long enough to see Big Fish this weekend. Tim Burton usually comes across as a one-trick-goth-pony, but this time he broke from his usual dark images and made a really good film. The story was fun, the acting was well done and special effects were a perfect mix of absurd and believable. Just one problem, Billy Crudup’s part was too small. He’s way too pretty to be in the supporting cast.

And did anyone see this? (Courtesy of The Modern Age) ABC interviews the Arkansas boy that attracted Paris’ attention during the month she was filming her reality show. Come ‘on ABC. No one loves the Simple Life more than me, but let’s leave that kind of reporting to FOX. SIDENOTE: Simple Life marathon this Tuesday night. Who’s bringing over the popcorn?

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Happy Belated Whatever-You-Celebrate

I know I've been MIA, but it's been really nice not doing anything for a few days. I spent Christmas day with some fellow east coast orphans playing board games, eating, and getting silly. By 11pm, all of us were passed out and felt like we had already spent 3 days together instead of just one. Friday, I literally spent the entire day sleeping. I got up at 8pm, went to a friend's, won at blackjack, and then returned home again for more sleep. I think I have Chronic Fatigue or something. And now it's only Saturday, and I still have the whole weekend ahead of me. I love four-day weekends.

I need to read this book that I have been putting off for a good two months now. I decided to start a book club with some co-workers, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Someone picked this book called Hard Boiled Wonderland, and everyone read it in about 4 weeks. I'm still on page 20. I feel like I'm back in school and I have a book report due. It's become a joke how far behind I am from everyone in the book. So to stop them bothering me about not finishing it yet, I bet them I would finish it by New Year's or buy them all lunch. I figured I've got 2 four-day weekends to get it done. No problem. Now it's halfway through that first 4 day weekend, and I've yet to pick up the book. How can I read when Teen Wolf is on HBO? I'm not giving up yet. I will definitely try to finish this book and win the bet. But I did learn through all this that I am totally not ready to go back to school right now. I can feel guilty for not doing the reading without going into debt thank you very much.

Monday, December 22, 2003

The Tap is Dry

Usually I would write what is on tap for this week, but since it’s a holiday week and nothing is really going on, I’m just going to suggest (surprise, surprise) American Music Club tonight at Spaceland for the final time. Otherwise, my week of hibernation has officially begun.

As most of you probably now by now, LA had an earthquake this morning which was ranked a 6.5. I’ve been threw a few of these since I’ve moved here, but this was my first time in a high-rise during one. To be honest, I just thought our building was going through some construction or something at first. There was a really loud metal clicking sound that came out of the walls and ceiling. There was some gentle swaying, but otherwise, that’s it. No harm done, no going home early. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for everyone.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Another Damn "Best of 2003" List

Here my holiday mix tracking listing. This was hard to narrow down to one CD.

Twlight Singers – Teenage Wristband
This song rips off Teenage Wasteland a little too much without paying royalties, but I like it.

Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body
Just because someone used to be in a boy band does not mean you have to label them a guilty pleasure. This album is solid.

The Stills – Still in Love
The Stills put out one of my favorite CDs of the year. Go buy it now.

Ravonettes – The Great Love Sound
This track just makes me bob my head.

The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers
This song is old, but since 2003 was The Rapture’s year, I threw it on there anyway.

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
You just can’t deny that they write good songs.

South – Loosen Your Hold
I wish more people knew about this band. They’re fucking amazing and deserve to be more famous than Coldplay. Plus, they thanked me in their liner notes.

The Long Winters – Blue Diamonds
Witty lyrics over a catchy melody. Love it.

Jet - Are You Going to Be My Girl?
Tell me you don’t dance when you hear this song. I dare you.

The Shins – So Says I
No, this site isn’t named after this song. Did any of you ever think that this song is maybe named after this site? Ok, it’s not, but let’s not rule it out just yet. James Mercer: call me and let’s straighten this out.

Damien Rice – The Blowers Daughter
Beautiful beautiful music. This album breaks my heart.

Metric – Succexy
I dig this band a lot. Last night MTV featured them on You Hear It First. Not that means anything though.

The Strokes – 12:51
I wanted to hate this record so badly, but I finally drank the Kool Aid. I like The Strokes.

The Postal Service – Nothing Better
This was a hard one because I was either going to put a Death Cab for Cutie track or a Postal Service track. Postal Service won for originality.

On the Speakers – Could I Be Right?
Ian from Creeper Lagoon’s new project. They are probably my favorite local band.

The Weakerthans – Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call
This band doesn’t get enough attention. Their album is so good.

OutKast – Hey Ya
I debated on whether to put this one on or not since it’s so obvious. But you have to give credit where credit is due. This song owns 2003.

Idlewild – The Remote Part
I love Idlewild. They could sneeze into a microphone and release it and I would think it was the bee's knees.

Ok, there are some bands/songs missing here, but like I said it was hard to narrow down. So here are some honorable mentions:

My Morning Jacket.
Loved them and then I saw them live. The singer refused to brush his hair out of his face for the ENTIRE show. It was like see Cousin It perform alt country.

Rilo Kiley
The Postal Service track has Jenny Lewis on it, so that covered Rilo Kiley as well.

Ryan Adams
Whenever I hear his new album either on the radio or a friend's house, I always look to see who it is because I like it so much, and everytime it's Ryan Adams. Go figure.

I had too many bands on my list that sound like this already… that’s the only reason why I didn’t include them earlier.

Sun Kil Moon
Mark Kozelek is talented. ‘nough said.

The Libertines
They make me want to do smack and break into my bandmate’s apartment.

I’m going to just stop there. This list could go on and on. And who says there isn’t any good music being made anymore?

Thursday, December 18, 2003

I {heart} KEXP

Check out the past few songs that played on Seattle's KEXP:

11:15 – Elliott Smith – “Angeles” from Either/Or
11:13 – The Beatles – “Blackbird” from White Album
11:09 – Ryan Adams – “Wonderwall” from Love is Hell, Pt. 1
11:02 – Jeff Buckley – “Hallelujah” from Grace

I'm a sucker for sensitive rock. Thank God for good radio streaming on the internet.


I went to a Triple X Jill Kelly Productions Christmas party last night at Barfly. Yup, it was a porn party. I kind of expected something between Boogie Nights and Eyes Wide Shut, but it just turned out to be just like any other party, except with porn stars milling about. Cool thing about Jill Kelly is that it is a female owned company. Other than that, I couldn’t tell you anything else about them. I didn’t stay long enough, or drink enough, for any of those people to become interesting to me.

Speaking of porn; a handful of people have responded to me about yesterday’s post to let me know that old people porn does in fact exist. Thanks guys. It’s nice to know the caliber of people who read this thing.

And a final note: Hugh Hefner’s having his holiday party tomorrow night at Bliss. You can go and throw things at the Celebrity Uncensored camera guy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Naked Old People

Saw Something’s Gotta Give last night (at the Arclight, of course). For some reason I had really high expectations of this movie. Between all the press acclaiming Diane Keaton’s performance and the lawsuits over whether or not the script was stolen, my interested had been peaked. The movie was just OK. It seemed longer than 2 hours, which is never a good sign. Every time you think it’s going to end, it just starts back up again. Maybe going to the late show didn’t help, but I have a feeling I would have felt just as weary even if I saw it during a matinee. Diane Keaton’s performance was stellar though, and she’s looking really good for her age. She pulls a gutsy full frontal scene, but then again, if I look as good at 60 I will be naked too. Speaking of old nakedness, Jack Nicholson shows his derrière again. Repeatedly. SIDE NOTE: I wonder if they make old people porn. If not, this is the closest thing.

Amanda Peet is just there. Kind of annoying, kind of sweet. You want to pat her on her head and send her on her way. Keanu Reeves on the other hand… let’s just say he stole all of his scenes, and not for his acting abilities.

There was a whole big set up at the theater for that “Lord of the something” movie that is opening this week. I’m not sure what it’s about, but I hear it involves jewelry or something.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Let Them Eat Cake

For those of you not in LA and might not know, we have been experiencing a major supermarket strike here for over a month now. The strike began Oct. 11, when workers staged a walkout at Safeway's Vons and Pavilions stores because of proposals to cut health benefits and to create a substantially lower pay scale for new hires, which “the man” said they needed to do in order to compete with Wal-Mart Stores. The next day, Albertsons and Ralphs, a subsidiary of Kroger (which are somehow connected to Safeway) locked out their workers.

Today they are organizing a protest march that begins in Century City and continues onto to the Beverly Hills Pavilions. Fight the good fight people. I’m just glad they aren’t doing it during rush hour. Traffic here is bad enough.

But how does affect the rest of us? Unless you like to cross picket lines, you are now shopping at Trader Joes (cheap health food, and really the only place you should shop anyway) or Gelson’s (over priced supermarket). Or if you’re the type to like 3 gallon jugs of mayonnaise, you go to Costco.

Since the strike, I’ve decided to not food shop at all and see how long I can go in support for my local supermarket worker. Plus, since everyone that used to go to Ralphs or Pavilions are now shopping at Trader Joe’s, my local TJ’s has become too insane just to pick up a loaf of bread. Since eating out all the time isn’t ideal on my wallet, though Jack In the Box’s new chicken stripes are better and more addicting that crack, I’m also trying to figure out how to eat free in this town. So far, I’m succeeding. December is an easy month to eat free as long as you don’t care about getting all four food groups covered in one day. This weekend was holiday party after holiday party which spanned gamut from appetizers and bake goods to all you can eat sushi and filet mignon dinners. The gift baskets and bagel breakfasts have also been pouring in at work. I’ve eaten more chocolate in the past two weeks than I have all year. I’m almost not craving it anymore. Almost. Yesterday we had a birthday celebration, so it was a cake lunch. Today, we had a breakfast for the tenets of our building, so at least I got some protein in with an omelet. Some thought this refusal to go grocery shopping would turn into a hunger strike for me, but instead has turned into a gross display of bad eating habits.

In the New Year I’m going totally vegan, except I will still eat chicken stripes from Jack In the Box with my chocolate milk shake. Yum.

Monday, December 15, 2003

On Tap

Before I run down some notables for the week, I have to tell you more about the new car. I've gone 300 miles in it so far and not stopped to fill up the gas tank. If I could marry this car I would. And as Derrick, husband of Joanna, said after seeing it this weekend: "And it's not even ugly." Thanks Derrick. So in addition of seeing and doing all the things listed below, I encourage all of your to go test drive the new Honda Civic Hybrid. It's exactly like any other four-door civic, except it's not burning away the ozone layer and all your money at the same time. You get a tax break for buying one, and it actually winds up paying for itself. So if you don't do it for the environment, then do it for yourself.

American Music Club @ Spaceland.
Yes, I will be listing this show every week of this month. It's free and they rock.

Frank O Gehry: Work In Progress @ Museum of Contemporary Art
You'll have to do this on your lunch hour because the exhibit, though open for the entire month runs from 11am-5pm except for Thursdays, where the museum stays open until 8pm. I didn't have anything for Tuesday, so that's why it's listed today instead of Thursday. P.S. He's an architect.

Mark Lanegan @ El Rey
Go see this guy. And if you don't own a Screaming Trees record, get yourself to Amoeba immediately. Greg Dulli is going be playing the keyboard at this show. Many cigarettes will be smoked between them.

Kiss & Aerosmith @ The Forum
I actually don't recommend this show, but any guys who are that old and are still rocking should be commended.

Velvet Hammer @ The Derby
It's a burlesque show. I predict this trend will go away in 2004.

Recommended by K.B.:
Kid Lightning and friends @ Hotel Cafe
"Kid Lightning is the kind hunky Dave Gibbs from the Gigolo Aunts... Nina Gordon, Kay Hanley and probably loads of other talented ex-Bostonians are among the 'friends' --pretty spiffy"

Pinback @ El Rey
I can't say this show is going to be good. They've always disappointed me live, but I really dig their albums.

I Am Spoonbender @ The Echo
Avant-garde new wave. That's probably not the best description for them, but all I can come up with on a Monday morning.

Eric Idle (from Monty Python) @ Henry Fonda Theater
He's funny.

Griffith Park Light Festival @ Griffith Park from 5-10pm
I guess this is our version of Rockefeller Center?

Extreme Elvis @ Spaceland
I have no idea what this is, but by name alone warrants checking out.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Filter This

Went to the Filter party last night... I’m not sure if was a holiday party, or just one of those things that they throw from time to time. Regardless it was fun, complete with a trampoline and trapeze swing randomly thrown into the mix. Not enough people were using these oddly placed pieces of circus equipment, but then again, it was the too-cool-for-school crowd in a downtown loft. These kids are always bragging how at parties they are swinging from the rafters… but here was their chance to actually do it, and no one really partook. Lame.

Someone did pay me a great compliment that made my night. He said, “You’re special, but not in a short bus kind of way.” Aw shucks.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

We All Knew It Was Going to Happen Someday

Morrissey has signed to Sanctuary Records and has tapped Jerry Finn to produce his new album. Jerry made his name producing albums by Green Day, Blink 182, Pennywise and MxPx. Check out Pitchfork for the full story. Maybe if Morrissey plays his cards right he can get Good Charlotte to open up for him on the tour.

Please tell me we've just been punk'd.

Corey Needs a Job

Have you seen this plea online from Corey Feldman to get The Goonies 2 green-lighted?

Want The Goonies 2 to be Made? Well, so does Corey. As of right now, the production of The Goonies 2 is being considered. Richard Donner's office was flooded with a petition from the fans containing 7,000 signatures showing their support for the film. In response Donner's office delivered that to the powers that be. Corey would like to make an even bolder move and ask his fans to support this cause by sending the following information to first & last name, e-mal address, and any message you may have for the studios! Corey's hoping to reach the goal of 100,000 signatures so pass the word along! Help make Goonies 2 possible! Once you've done that, try e-mailing the webmaster at Warner Brother's studio for extra reinforcement! Thank you again for your help!

Corey: You're not helping matters here. Please don’t mess this one up for the rest of us.

Chunk’s a lawyer now in Los Angeles. I’m carrying around a Baby Ruth bar just in case I run into him. I figure it will break the ice.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Courtney Watch Continued

Filter jumped onto the story as well. Is anyone going to pay me for this one?

Knock It Off

The Stills will be on Carson Daly tonight. He’s on at like 1:35am on NBC. Will someone TIVO this for me? If I am awake at this hour, I sure hope I’m not home watching TV.

I have coupons for two dollars off The Vue show at Spaceland tonight. I can’t believe I even wrote that last sentence. Coupons for a rock show? Whatever. E-mail me if you want them.

Last night I totally flaked on going to see Prosaics (Mission of Burma meets Joy Division meets the Misfits) last night with Radio Berlin. I just couldn’t get motivated. Instead I watched The Simple Life and worked on my holiday mix. I know I should hate Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, but they totally cracked me up last night. They worked at Sonic Burger and when given the task of changing the marquee to read “1/2 of Burgers all Day,” they put up “Anal Salty Weiner Burgers.” They were being totally rude and inconsiderate to everyone around them and having fun at other people’s expense, but I liked it. Does this make me a bad person?

While working on said holiday mix, I was thinking trying to think back throughout 2003 and remember what was noteworthy. I kept thinking of crazy trends, etc. and decided that some of these need to be put to rest. So here is sampling of things that we should all leave in 2003. I’m giving you 3 weeks to get these out of your system, so consider yourself warned.

NYC Scene: STOP referring to bands, clothes, or lifestyles as being influenced or resembling the New York City scene. It’s dumb, it’s over-played, and even your mom talks about it now.

Pretending you’re a member of the Polyphonic Spree to pick up girls/guys: Actually this wasn’t a trend. Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

Trucker Hats: Burn them. Please. It’s not funny anymore. Which brings me to…

Irony: Can you believe a high school vocab word became trendy? Good Lord. You know what’s Ironic? NOT dressing Ironically. Symbolism is going to be the new Irony. Pass it on. (I wear this army coat, which symbolizes my feelings about the war in the Middle East. I wear this black arm band to symbolize all my dead homies. I wear this eye patch to symbolize my love of pirates.)

Actors holding a public office: 2004 is an election year. Let’s get over this one before it becomes too late.

Outkast: Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

Blogs: Wait, how did this one get on the list? Since LA hasn’t’ really caught on to this one yet (especially funny since there are so many “writers” in this town) this won’t be over on the west coast until 2004.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

You Hear It First

So MTV e-mailed me yesterday to get more details on my entry yesterday about Courtney Love. Now it’s a piece. Read it here. Dear MTV: Should I expect a check in the mail?

I bought a new car on Saturday. I got a Honda Civic Hybrid. I know I’ve only had it four days, but I think I’m in love.

I failed to mention in my On Tap entry that The Apple is showing this Friday night at the Nuart at Midnight. That’s 12/12 at 12:00. It’s a movie made in 1980 about the music industry in 1994. There is singing and dancing and lots of people dressed up in tin foil. The Apple is one of those movies that is good because it’s so bad. Actually, it’s the movie that is good because it’s so bad. Go see it. But be warned, last time it screened at the Nuart, it sold out.

Monday, December 08, 2003


What to do this week… besides procrastinate on Christmas shopping. SIDE NOTE: People who send out Christmas cards are only showing off to their friends how on it they are. Every time I open one, I just feel guilty that I probably won’t get mine out this year. So friends and family: if you really want to wish me a “Happy Holiday”, give me a call.

American Music Club @ Spaceland
I can’t believe this band is playing for free every Monday for the month of December. Don’t mess this one up kids. Just go.

Rufus Wainwright @ The Wiltern
I like Rufus.

Floetry @ HoB
British girls rapping and singing.

The Vue, The Fever @ Spaceland
The Vue’s a former Subpop band that made the jump to RCA. Let’s hope they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Alexi Murdoch @ Hotel Café
Go to this show. Alexi won’t be playing small venues like Hotel for long. If you mess up, he will also be performing here on Friday night as well.

Phantom Planet, The Like @ Roxy
Phantom Planet’s new album is kind of good. The Like are a teenage all girl indie-rock band. Their fathers are famous or something.

Something’s Gotta Give
New Jack Nicholson movie. Keanu’s in it. My mom thinks Keanu and I are meant to be friends. My mom also claims to be psychic, so let’s hope she’s right.

Concrete Blonde @ Roxy

Go shopping. You know you have to.

Courtney Watch 2003

Courtney Love was reportedly in rehab last week, but she still managed to show up at Tangiers last Thursday night to see the band The Hard Place. The LA Weekly picked this show and hyped it up by comparing it to seeing Nirvana back in 1992 at some small club and The White Stripes at Spaceland in 1996. After seeing the band, Courtney (who did I mention, was completely off her head) screamed “They don’t sound like Nirvana!” She was also screaming at people and poking at them and just falling all over the place. Finally, a white van came to pick her up and she commanded someone to “get me back to Promises!” I hope someone followed that order for her sake. This Courtney saga is getting too sad.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Insert Witty Title Here

Today we had an office-bonding day at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood. I love those company type gatherings where you are forced to hang out with co-workers in otherwise social type settings instead of working. You find out what people’s real wardrobe and personalities (thanks to the open bar) are like. Fortunately, I really like the people I work with… not enough to leave the desert bar and actually bowl, but enough to be totally entertained and thankful I’m not sitting at my desk and updating the PCR, looking up things in FCI, and trying to wrangle out PO’s in SAP. Confused? Me too.

After Lucky Strike I went to a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping for the second time this week. Monday I went with my brother because Wayne Gretzky was on. If Wayne’s a guest, you go, it’s as simple as that. PS, The Great One looks even more Canadian in person. Tonight’s guest was Jessica Alba (way prettier than I thought she would be), Michelle Branch and Joe Jackson. I went because Joe is on a label that my friends work at and I’m a sucker for the open bar/free food/free Galaga thing that Jimmy’s got going on in his green room. This is not a normal week, by the way. I don’t just go to this show to hang out on random nights. There is such as a thing as wearing out your welcome. But if you ever get an invitation, and I’m pretty sure it’s not that hard, you should go. It’s the best green room in late-night by far.

I guess I should say something about the Grammy nominations, but I just don’t have the energy to complain about their choices and suggest artists that no one has heard about just to seem like I know more about music than the people who actually have something to do with picking who is nominated. I will spare you all that snarky, elitist, holier-than-thou rant about The Grammy’s. But it was cool of them to nominate David Cross for the comedy album. Weird Al will be a tough one to beat, but I think it’s David’s year.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Almost Famous

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately about chasing celebrities. We’ve all done it. Remember going to a concert when you were really young and getting a kick of being in the same room as Duran Duran or the New Kids on the Block? It didn’t matter that you were in a hockey arena the size of a small country. You had proximity. It starts there. Some of us out grow it, while some of us continue to chase our idols.

Gawker posted an interesting story about a memo that went out to employees of Warner Brother Records. It basically told them to stop asking the artists for autographs or hanging around them while they are visiting the offices. Here it is:

"TO: All Employees in the Pinnacle Building
One of the perks of being together in this new building is that we often get to see our artists in person. For some of us, this is a new experience. We have already been treated to some great live performances and look forward to more in the future. However, with this privilege, comes some responsibility on the part of all of us. If the artists are here for the purpose of meeting with, or performing for, us that will be announced so that all of us will know that this occasion is one at which it is appropriate to come see the artists and ask for autographs. However, often times the artists are here for other work (i.e. interviews, photo shoots, videotaping, etc.) When that is the case, they are entitled to their privacy and they need to spend their time here doing the work that they came to do. Therefore, it is not appropriate to congregate in the areas where they are or to ask for autographs or photos.”

I find this letter hilarious. First off, give the kids a break. Isn’t the reason they work for nothing at a music label is so they can meet their rock stars? You take away those perks and now they have nothing, especially since everyone can get music for free these days.

Next is the horrendous article the New York Times decided to publish about interning as a “Hipster.” When did the New York Times start using the word Hipster? I wonder if it set off their spell check. The article features kids who intern for The Strokes and VICE (note: this is the second NY Times piece mentioning VICE). As if getting a cool internship was hard enough, now everyone is going to want one.

The next cool thing will be interning at banks. Pass it on. I hear they actually still make money.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

On Tap

I’m going to try to give a list of things to do at the beginning of each week. I was going to start it off yesterday, but I got lazy. Then someone e-mailed me and now I’m inspired. So here are a few ideas of what to do this week. If you know of something, or are apart of something coming up, feel free to e-mail me so it can be included next time.

DNTEL @ Knitting Factory
Dntel is Jimmy T of the Postal Service. Go see the guy that put together all those great beats.

The Divorce @ The Silver Lake Lounge
Great Seattle band from whom I expect good things.

The Simple Life on Fox at 8:30pm
I can’t wait to see my new favorite television program for the first time.

Wednesday, 12/3
Crooked Fingers/Azure Ray @ Troubadour
Archers of Loaf fans are excited that Eric is still making music. Neil Diamond fans are confused as to when Neil went indie-rock. Azure Ray make the kind of music you want to stay home and listen to when it’s raining.

Friday, 12/5
Funk Nite @ The Scene from 10-2am
San Fran’s DJ Kitty is in town, and friends are throwing her a party at the Scene. I was told it is going to be “ass-shakin.”

Saturday, 12/6
Actionslacks/The Few @ Spaceland
Actionslacks are a great band. The Few are as well. A good time will be had by all.

Sunday, 12/7
Rosie Thomas/Damien Jurado @ Troubadour
Rosie Thomas’ albums are so beautiful I want to cry. Damien Jurado also makes sensitive music, but he looks like bouncer. Awesome.

Monday, December 01, 2003

New Goodness

There are new Interpol songs posted on Losing My Edge. I'm so excited over the idea of new Interpol that I've lost all objectivity on whether or not the new material is actually any good. I think it is.

Don’t drink the eggnog

I attended the Amoeba employee Christmas party last night. No I don’t work there, but I should at this point. It was a blast. The food was excellent, and they had six huge cakes in every favor spelling out Amoeba (all vegan I hear, since a majority of the staff are tree-hugging veggie people). The drinks were flowing, the smoking patio was being put to use, and people were dancing. Those Amoeba kids know how to have a good time.

So that brings me to a little list of how to know your Office Christmas Party rocks by standards set by the folks at Amoeba:
1. There are men wearing eyeliner, and not in a costume kind of way
2. There are two different DJ stations with rotating DJ’s. Funk, Disco, Eighties, and other styles that I’m not cool enough to recognize are spun.
3. Everyone is super friendly. People with mohawks are talking with women wearing 3-piece suits. It’s like a Benetton commercial there are so many different types of people mixing and getting along.
4. Free parking (especially since it took place near Hollywood and Vine on the same night as the Holiday Parade)
5. I won’t mention what the party favors were, but I guarantee that at your office party they will not be passed out.
6. There are Goths dancing to Abba
7. Gruv. The newest alcoholic energy drink has its own promotional booth and is fervently being handed out. (It has ginseng in it, so I drink it because it’s my healthy alternative to beer.)
8. No one is talking about work.
9. No one is talking about TV or the latest movie they saw.
10. You can’t remember what you were talking about, but you know you had a good time.