Friday, December 19, 2003

Another Damn "Best of 2003" List

Here my holiday mix tracking listing. This was hard to narrow down to one CD.

Twlight Singers – Teenage Wristband
This song rips off Teenage Wasteland a little too much without paying royalties, but I like it.

Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body
Just because someone used to be in a boy band does not mean you have to label them a guilty pleasure. This album is solid.

The Stills – Still in Love
The Stills put out one of my favorite CDs of the year. Go buy it now.

Ravonettes – The Great Love Sound
This track just makes me bob my head.

The Rapture – House of Jealous Lovers
This song is old, but since 2003 was The Rapture’s year, I threw it on there anyway.

White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
You just can’t deny that they write good songs.

South – Loosen Your Hold
I wish more people knew about this band. They’re fucking amazing and deserve to be more famous than Coldplay. Plus, they thanked me in their liner notes.

The Long Winters – Blue Diamonds
Witty lyrics over a catchy melody. Love it.

Jet - Are You Going to Be My Girl?
Tell me you don’t dance when you hear this song. I dare you.

The Shins – So Says I
No, this site isn’t named after this song. Did any of you ever think that this song is maybe named after this site? Ok, it’s not, but let’s not rule it out just yet. James Mercer: call me and let’s straighten this out.

Damien Rice – The Blowers Daughter
Beautiful beautiful music. This album breaks my heart.

Metric – Succexy
I dig this band a lot. Last night MTV featured them on You Hear It First. Not that means anything though.

The Strokes – 12:51
I wanted to hate this record so badly, but I finally drank the Kool Aid. I like The Strokes.

The Postal Service – Nothing Better
This was a hard one because I was either going to put a Death Cab for Cutie track or a Postal Service track. Postal Service won for originality.

On the Speakers – Could I Be Right?
Ian from Creeper Lagoon’s new project. They are probably my favorite local band.

The Weakerthans – Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call
This band doesn’t get enough attention. Their album is so good.

OutKast – Hey Ya
I debated on whether to put this one on or not since it’s so obvious. But you have to give credit where credit is due. This song owns 2003.

Idlewild – The Remote Part
I love Idlewild. They could sneeze into a microphone and release it and I would think it was the bee's knees.

Ok, there are some bands/songs missing here, but like I said it was hard to narrow down. So here are some honorable mentions:

My Morning Jacket.
Loved them and then I saw them live. The singer refused to brush his hair out of his face for the ENTIRE show. It was like see Cousin It perform alt country.

Rilo Kiley
The Postal Service track has Jenny Lewis on it, so that covered Rilo Kiley as well.

Ryan Adams
Whenever I hear his new album either on the radio or a friend's house, I always look to see who it is because I like it so much, and everytime it's Ryan Adams. Go figure.

I had too many bands on my list that sound like this already… that’s the only reason why I didn’t include them earlier.

Sun Kil Moon
Mark Kozelek is talented. ‘nough said.

The Libertines
They make me want to do smack and break into my bandmate’s apartment.

I’m going to just stop there. This list could go on and on. And who says there isn’t any good music being made anymore?