Thursday, December 11, 2003

Corey Needs a Job

Have you seen this plea online from Corey Feldman to get The Goonies 2 green-lighted?

Want The Goonies 2 to be Made? Well, so does Corey. As of right now, the production of The Goonies 2 is being considered. Richard Donner's office was flooded with a petition from the fans containing 7,000 signatures showing their support for the film. In response Donner's office delivered that to the powers that be. Corey would like to make an even bolder move and ask his fans to support this cause by sending the following information to first & last name, e-mal address, and any message you may have for the studios! Corey's hoping to reach the goal of 100,000 signatures so pass the word along! Help make Goonies 2 possible! Once you've done that, try e-mailing the webmaster at Warner Brother's studio for extra reinforcement! Thank you again for your help!

Corey: You're not helping matters here. Please don’t mess this one up for the rest of us.

Chunk’s a lawyer now in Los Angeles. I’m carrying around a Baby Ruth bar just in case I run into him. I figure it will break the ice.