Monday, December 01, 2003

Don’t drink the eggnog

I attended the Amoeba employee Christmas party last night. No I don’t work there, but I should at this point. It was a blast. The food was excellent, and they had six huge cakes in every favor spelling out Amoeba (all vegan I hear, since a majority of the staff are tree-hugging veggie people). The drinks were flowing, the smoking patio was being put to use, and people were dancing. Those Amoeba kids know how to have a good time.

So that brings me to a little list of how to know your Office Christmas Party rocks by standards set by the folks at Amoeba:
1. There are men wearing eyeliner, and not in a costume kind of way
2. There are two different DJ stations with rotating DJ’s. Funk, Disco, Eighties, and other styles that I’m not cool enough to recognize are spun.
3. Everyone is super friendly. People with mohawks are talking with women wearing 3-piece suits. It’s like a Benetton commercial there are so many different types of people mixing and getting along.
4. Free parking (especially since it took place near Hollywood and Vine on the same night as the Holiday Parade)
5. I won’t mention what the party favors were, but I guarantee that at your office party they will not be passed out.
6. There are Goths dancing to Abba
7. Gruv. The newest alcoholic energy drink has its own promotional booth and is fervently being handed out. (It has ginseng in it, so I drink it because it’s my healthy alternative to beer.)
8. No one is talking about work.
9. No one is talking about TV or the latest movie they saw.
10. You can’t remember what you were talking about, but you know you had a good time.