Sunday, December 28, 2003

I have ADD

Dear Netflix: I quit. I’ve had the same three DVD’s for the past three months, at $20 per month, that $20 per DVD. I might has well have bought them. I’m finally sitting down right now, trying to watch all three just so I can send them back and quit my subscription, but obviously I’m blogging as well. So that just goes to show you how little of an attention span I have for watching DVD’s right now. I don’t know what has happened to me. I used to rent movies all the time and watch them, but now I’m suddenly either not home enough or can’t focus. The three movies I’m trying to watch are: George Washington, A Decade Under the Influence and 400 Blows (sorry Matthew… I still haven’t watched this one). Oh yeah, and I’m still on page 20 for that book as well. When did recreation become such a drag?

I did manage to sit myself down long enough to see Big Fish this weekend. Tim Burton usually comes across as a one-trick-goth-pony, but this time he broke from his usual dark images and made a really good film. The story was fun, the acting was well done and special effects were a perfect mix of absurd and believable. Just one problem, Billy Crudup’s part was too small. He’s way too pretty to be in the supporting cast.

And did anyone see this? (Courtesy of The Modern Age) ABC interviews the Arkansas boy that attracted Paris’ attention during the month she was filming her reality show. Come ‘on ABC. No one loves the Simple Life more than me, but let’s leave that kind of reporting to FOX. SIDENOTE: Simple Life marathon this Tuesday night. Who’s bringing over the popcorn?