Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Mission of Burma has signed with Matador to put out a new album. Earplugs this time guys, earplugs.

David Bowie turned down being knighted by the Queen of England. John Cleese and Kenneth Branagh also said no thanks. That rules. (Via Productshop)

Interscope will release "Unsung: The Best of Helmet (1991-1997)," in January 2004. Page let me down by working with Limp Bizkit and dating Winonna, but all can be forgiven if he will just tour.

The government says to stop using ephedra now. It’s time for the house wives to buy their drugs illegally like everyone else.

The New York Times asks the hard question: Which is better: Rich Girls or The Simple Life?

International Noise Conspiracy will be on this year’s Warped Tour. WTF?

Chris Kirkwood, who used to be the Meat Puppets bassist, was shot by a rent-o-cop. He’s going to be ok, but since when do parking lot security guards carry guns?