Monday, December 29, 2003

On Tap

Los Angeles has itself a new radio station – Indie 103.1fm. This rock station has taken over that dance station that played that remix of “Heaven” over and over again. So I’ve been listening to Indie 103 to see if it really is a good as everyone is telling me it is supposed to be. This morning I heard Soundgarden, Weezer and the Dandy Warhols on the way into work. The first time I tuned in I heard Iggy Pop with Sum 41 (that song is a whole ‘nother post… don’t even get me started on that piece of crap). The verdict? It’s better than KROQ, but not as good as KXLU or KCRW. And hello, I haven’t heard an indie song on that station yet. Indie means independent music, as in, put out on independent labels. Maybe they mean that they are independent, as if they aren’t owned by Clear Channel, but I don’t see how that is possible these days. Regardless, it’s another option on the dial and I doubt they will play Sublime and 311 like it’s 1994 a ‘la KROQ.

And since the only night people will really care about this week is New Year’s, here’s a listing of what do in LA on the most over-hyped night of the year (besides hiding in your bomb shelter).

Polyphonic Spree/Grandaddy @ Wiltern
This will be a good show, but not New Year’s worthy.

Oakenfold & Crystal Method @ GIANT: Bonaventura Hotel
This is the mecca for those dance music enthusiasts.

DJ Carlos D (of Interpol) @ Club Bang!
I heart Carlos.

Digweed @ Avalon
If the Giant thing isn’t enough for you…

The Motels @ The Whiskey

Dramarama/On the Speakers @ The Roxy
On the Speakers are a good band. Dramarama… is that like Bananarama?

Detroit Cobras @ Spaceland
This would be cool too, but I don’t feel like seeing a band on New Year’s.

The Strokes/King of Leon @ some arena in Vegas.
The Strokes are the worst band live ever. Pass it on.

Lady Mo @ The Burgundy Room
You need to dress up 1920’s gansta style to get into this party.

David Lee Roth @ House of Blues
Let’s give the man credit for not feeling desperate enough to change anything about him since 1981. Pink/Britney/Christina went through their image make-over after only one album.