Tuesday, December 02, 2003

On Tap

I’m going to try to give a list of things to do at the beginning of each week. I was going to start it off yesterday, but I got lazy. Then someone e-mailed me and now I’m inspired. So here are a few ideas of what to do this week. If you know of something, or are apart of something coming up, feel free to e-mail me so it can be included next time.

DNTEL @ Knitting Factory
Dntel is Jimmy T of the Postal Service. Go see the guy that put together all those great beats.

The Divorce @ The Silver Lake Lounge
Great Seattle band from whom I expect good things.

The Simple Life on Fox at 8:30pm
I can’t wait to see my new favorite television program for the first time.

Wednesday, 12/3
Crooked Fingers/Azure Ray @ Troubadour
Archers of Loaf fans are excited that Eric is still making music. Neil Diamond fans are confused as to when Neil went indie-rock. Azure Ray make the kind of music you want to stay home and listen to when it’s raining.

Friday, 12/5
Funk Nite @ The Scene from 10-2am
San Fran’s DJ Kitty is in town, and friends are throwing her a party at the Scene. I was told it is going to be “ass-shakin.”

Saturday, 12/6
Actionslacks/The Few @ Spaceland
Actionslacks are a great band. The Few are as well. A good time will be had by all.

Sunday, 12/7
Rosie Thomas/Damien Jurado @ Troubadour
Rosie Thomas’ albums are so beautiful I want to cry. Damien Jurado also makes sensitive music, but he looks like bouncer. Awesome.