Monday, December 08, 2003


What to do this week… besides procrastinate on Christmas shopping. SIDE NOTE: People who send out Christmas cards are only showing off to their friends how on it they are. Every time I open one, I just feel guilty that I probably won’t get mine out this year. So friends and family: if you really want to wish me a “Happy Holiday”, give me a call.

American Music Club @ Spaceland
I can’t believe this band is playing for free every Monday for the month of December. Don’t mess this one up kids. Just go.

Rufus Wainwright @ The Wiltern
I like Rufus.

Floetry @ HoB
British girls rapping and singing.

The Vue, The Fever @ Spaceland
The Vue’s a former Subpop band that made the jump to RCA. Let’s hope they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Alexi Murdoch @ Hotel Café
Go to this show. Alexi won’t be playing small venues like Hotel for long. If you mess up, he will also be performing here on Friday night as well.

Phantom Planet, The Like @ Roxy
Phantom Planet’s new album is kind of good. The Like are a teenage all girl indie-rock band. Their fathers are famous or something.

Something’s Gotta Give
New Jack Nicholson movie. Keanu’s in it. My mom thinks Keanu and I are meant to be friends. My mom also claims to be psychic, so let’s hope she’s right.

Concrete Blonde @ Roxy

Go shopping. You know you have to.