Monday, December 15, 2003

On Tap

Before I run down some notables for the week, I have to tell you more about the new car. I've gone 300 miles in it so far and not stopped to fill up the gas tank. If I could marry this car I would. And as Derrick, husband of Joanna, said after seeing it this weekend: "And it's not even ugly." Thanks Derrick. So in addition of seeing and doing all the things listed below, I encourage all of your to go test drive the new Honda Civic Hybrid. It's exactly like any other four-door civic, except it's not burning away the ozone layer and all your money at the same time. You get a tax break for buying one, and it actually winds up paying for itself. So if you don't do it for the environment, then do it for yourself.

American Music Club @ Spaceland.
Yes, I will be listing this show every week of this month. It's free and they rock.

Frank O Gehry: Work In Progress @ Museum of Contemporary Art
You'll have to do this on your lunch hour because the exhibit, though open for the entire month runs from 11am-5pm except for Thursdays, where the museum stays open until 8pm. I didn't have anything for Tuesday, so that's why it's listed today instead of Thursday. P.S. He's an architect.

Mark Lanegan @ El Rey
Go see this guy. And if you don't own a Screaming Trees record, get yourself to Amoeba immediately. Greg Dulli is going be playing the keyboard at this show. Many cigarettes will be smoked between them.

Kiss & Aerosmith @ The Forum
I actually don't recommend this show, but any guys who are that old and are still rocking should be commended.

Velvet Hammer @ The Derby
It's a burlesque show. I predict this trend will go away in 2004.

Recommended by K.B.:
Kid Lightning and friends @ Hotel Cafe
"Kid Lightning is the kind hunky Dave Gibbs from the Gigolo Aunts... Nina Gordon, Kay Hanley and probably loads of other talented ex-Bostonians are among the 'friends' --pretty spiffy"

Pinback @ El Rey
I can't say this show is going to be good. They've always disappointed me live, but I really dig their albums.

I Am Spoonbender @ The Echo
Avant-garde new wave. That's probably not the best description for them, but all I can come up with on a Monday morning.

Eric Idle (from Monty Python) @ Henry Fonda Theater
He's funny.

Griffith Park Light Festival @ Griffith Park from 5-10pm
I guess this is our version of Rockefeller Center?

Extreme Elvis @ Spaceland
I have no idea what this is, but by name alone warrants checking out.