Monday, December 22, 2003

The Tap is Dry

Usually I would write what is on tap for this week, but since it’s a holiday week and nothing is really going on, I’m just going to suggest (surprise, surprise) American Music Club tonight at Spaceland for the final time. Otherwise, my week of hibernation has officially begun.

As most of you probably now by now, LA had an earthquake this morning which was ranked a 6.5. I’ve been threw a few of these since I’ve moved here, but this was my first time in a high-rise during one. To be honest, I just thought our building was going through some construction or something at first. There was a really loud metal clicking sound that came out of the walls and ceiling. There was some gentle swaying, but otherwise, that’s it. No harm done, no going home early. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for everyone.