Wednesday, December 31, 2003

To The Bat Cave

Last night I went to Little Cave in Highland Park. At first I couldn’t imagine people actually making the trek to Highland Park just to go to a bar, but I soon found out that if you have certain people DJ, they will come. Members of Grandaddy and Polyphonic Spree did the honors last night, and the indie kids showed up in flocks. The trend of watching your favorite bands play records, ahem… I mean DJ, begs the question; “Why do we care?” I don’t particularly love Grandaddy or Polyphonic Spree, but when I heard they were DJing I knew I was going to go all the way out to Highland Park instead of original plan of going to one of the regular haunts closer to home. I guess I figured they would play good records, and I would know people there, etc., but that isn’t any different than going to, say the Beauty Bar, and seeing one of the local kids DJ good music as well.

Prime example: Carlos from Interpol is DJing tonight at Club Bang and people will pay $40 just to see him play his favorite records. Interpol doesn’t even bring in that much when they play live. I know it’s New Year’s and all, but isn’t that crazy? I adore Interpol, and Carlos for that matter, but I’m not going to spend my New Year’s watching him spin records just because he’s in a band that I like a lot (though I have been known to in the past). It’s just disappointing because they stand there, put on a record, maybe bop their head, and that’s it. I’d rather see him flaying around with a bass guitar or something, but that’s just me. But it is fun the first time to hear the songs they pick. It’s like the inner Tiger Beat in me coming out and making a mental list of songs that bands I like listen to.

And finally, where does this trend stop? Now everyone’s a DJ, some of whom’s only qualification is an extensive music collection (and not even on vinyl). They’re not creating music like some DJ’s, or not even putting their own spin on it by combining one song over another. They just hit just play. Call me old school, but a well stocked juke box worked just fine for me.