Tuesday, December 09, 2003

You Hear It First

So MTV e-mailed me yesterday to get more details on my entry yesterday about Courtney Love. Now it’s a piece. Read it here. Dear MTV: Should I expect a check in the mail?

I bought a new car on Saturday. I got a Honda Civic Hybrid. I know I’ve only had it four days, but I think I’m in love.

I failed to mention in my On Tap entry that The Apple is showing this Friday night at the Nuart at Midnight. That’s 12/12 at 12:00. It’s a movie made in 1980 about the music industry in 1994. There is singing and dancing and lots of people dressed up in tin foil. The Apple is one of those movies that is good because it’s so bad. Actually, it’s the movie that is good because it’s so bad. Go see it. But be warned, last time it screened at the Nuart, it sold out.