Friday, January 30, 2004

Oprah: Destroyer of Literature

Got an e-mail from someone who actually reads more than blogs with a suggestion for a post:

“Here's an idea for your little website: Oprah's book club destroys literature. She put Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One Hundred Years of Solitude" on her Book Club list. This is a classic work of literature and I actually liked the book. All of a sudden I've lost respect for it.”

My gut instinct is to agree with this person. Seeing a seal of approval by Oprah on a book makes me feel less likely to read it just because I don’t want to subscribe to the cult that is Oprah. Sometimes though, Oprah picks a winner. Does this make the book any less enjoyable, or good, or whatever? Does it change anything about the book, except for maybe the placement on the shelves and its sales? No. Do I look down upon at the author for “selling out?” No. Who am I to say this person shouldn’t be able to pay his or her bills or have his or her audience widened just because of the cheese factor. I’d like to say I would be strong willed enough to say no to Oprah (not that I’m a writer), but who am I kidding? I’m no Fugazi.

It’s like when a band that you love is small and unknown, and then suddenly becomes huge and you see ten year olds coming out of Hot Topic wearing their T-shirts and singing their lyrics. Suddenly, you don’t want to like you old favorite band anymore. You now have to share them with the masses. And the masses are dumb. And you’re better then them. Right? Don’t answer that. That ten-year-old rocks for wearing a White Stripes t-shirt and could be the next Jack White or whomever for all you know. And just because someone is late to the game doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have their life changed by a band or album.

And are movies the only entertainment medium that is safe from this trend of--for lack of a better term--player hating? When little independent movies become hugely popular, they still remain cool by snobs and everyone alike. Why is everyone so territorial over music and books?

Finally, is Oprah really destroying literature by making more people read? Call me crazy, but that sounds like a positive thing to me.

Ok rant over. When it’s all said and done, I’m an admitted snob and wouldn’t touch a book endorsed by Oprah with a ten foot pole. I’m also completely over The White Stripes. They are so 2001.

Sigh and Swoon

Travis were fantastic last night. I seriously don’t get why everyone likes Coldplay better. It’s like the Coke/Pepsi challenge for the new generation. In this case, I prefer Pepsi.

Speaking of preferring Pepsi, I was accompanied to the show by three hot guys, all of which are gay. Here is just a few reasons why straight women love hanging out with gay men. 1) You can check out guys together. 2) Girls will lie and tell you that you look good, even when you don’t. Gay men will tell you that your ass looks fat in those jeans. 3) They aren’t afraid to dance, and are most likely better at it then all your girlfriends. So anyway, thanks to Chris for scoring free tickets and taking Jamie, Jordon and myself along. At one point, Jamie (who said he wanted to be mentioned in the blog, so here it goes) was seriously eyeing this woman as she walked past us. I swear for a second he was straight by the way he looked her over. I asked him what he was looking at, and he laughed and explained that he was eyeing her Marc Jacobs purse and the fact that they didn’t match her shoes. And that is reason #4 why I love gay men.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

LA Moment # 3052

Just saw a women at the gym in full make-up, wearing sunglasses on top of her head, reading Oprah's "O" magazine and talking on her cell phone all while working out on the elliptical machine. I don't know whether or not she's the best multi-tasker I've ever seen or the LA stereotype personified.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Everyone blogs these days

Wil Wheaton has a website. He says stuff like this on it: “I swear to freaking Anhur, if I die of freaking starvation on level five of the Dungeons of Doom one more time, I will scream.” He also does writing for I’m not writing this to make fun of our dear Stand By Me star. I am just here to inform. I admit, sometimes I pass judgment here, but not in this case. I’m speechless.

Reality is boring

Last night at an in-store at Amoeba, there was someone being followed around by a camera crew. By the mic hook-up protruding out of his lower back, I knew right away we had a reality tv star in our midst. Stacy recognized him as the dude from Todd TV. I had never heard of the show, so upon further research I found this description:

"Todd TV stars Todd Santos, a 30-year-old Hermosa Beach, California waiter and Massachusetts native who's 'in a rut' and 'has no direction in life.' During the seven episode series, Santos allows viewers to direct all aspects of his life -- from where he works, to whom he dates, to where he lives."

People actually sent someone without direction in his life to an in-store performance by a hair metal band? Um, ok. The best part of this “reality show” taping was when the producer made Todd move from behind the racks of albums while watching the show because they were blocking the shot. It doesn’t get any realer than that.

Some notables for this week that I left out of the On Tap:
Kevin Smith will be speaking at a screening of Clerks at the Nuart this Friday for its 10th Anniversary. Tickets are regularly priced at $9.50.

Also, The Peels will be doing a show with local rock star Kennedy at the Rifle Gallery in Silver Lake on Thursday night. Those of you who weren’t New Kids fans can go to this instead of seeing Jordan Knight at the Roxy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hey Ma, no cavities!

I’m a little out of sorts this morning… I had an obscenely early dentist appointment and spent the morning playing catch up.

Couple of points to ponder:

Who’s the genius that scheduled Franz Ferdinand’s LA show at the Troubadour during SXSW? For those of you who will still be in town, they are playing 3/19. By the time they come around again it will probably be at a bigger venue for more money. I am not amused.

Why does The OC want us to love them so badly? With a soundtrack like this, I am almost giving up and becoming a fan of the show. Ok, not really, but this one totally kills the Gilmore Girl soundtrack that Rhino put out awhile ago.

Track list for "Music From The O.C. -- Mix 1":

"Paint the Silence," South
"Just a Ride," Jem
"Honey and the Moon," Joseph Arthur
"The Way We Get By," Spoon
"Move On," Jet
"How Good It Can Be," the 88
"Caught by the River," Doves
"Rain City," Turin Brakes
"We Used To Be Friends," Dandy Warhols
"Dice," Finley Quaye and William Orbit
"Orange Sky," Alexi Murdoch
"California," Phantom Planet

After reading an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, I found out that we are currently reading the exact same book. It’s fate. Move over Kirsten.

Josh Bernoff, principal analyst at Forrester Research, said at Midem to “get out of the plastics business.” He’s referring to the new research that shows young music fans no longer have interest in holding a CD in their hands and that CDs will be passé by 2007. So will I now be a purist if I continue to buy CDs like people who clutch to vinyl?

Hey Ladies: Girls Gone Wild is looking for female camera operators to capture footage for GGW’s newest project, Guys Gone Wild. I swear this is real… I’m not that imaginative to make this up. One year of DV or Beta experience and a fun, outgoing personality is a must. Send your resumes to or fax 310-566-1851. I’m not going to even ask what guys will be flashing…

Monday, January 26, 2004

Save the Service Charges

House of Blues on Sunset is going to hold some big names for concerts to raise money for VH1’s Save the Music program. Tickets went on sale yesterday for the four-night run which begins February 4 with Elvis Costello & the Imposters and Dashboard Confessional, followed by The Strokes (February 5), Stevie Wonder (February 6), and Counting Crows and Jewel (February 7). Here’s the kicker, you can only buy with an American Express card. So basically, only American Express cardholders can donate their money for this charitable cause. Um, ok…
Brian just tried to buy some tickets through Ticketmaster, and the security word he had to type in as part of the process was “costly.” That’s funny. Yes Mr. Ticketmaster, tickets starting $50 before you tack on another million for service charges (which doubtfully go to said charity) are indeed costly.

On Tap

We had an impromptu gathering at our house last night for the Golden Globes (Don’t be offended I didn’t call. I didn’t know we were having people over until they came). I mentioned my uninterest in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and another girl agreed with me saying she walked out of the darn thing. She’s a stylist who went on to say that it reminded her of a bad day at work. “You know, there is lost jewelry and everyone is trying to find it. Ugh.” I’m still laughing at that comment.

Monday, 1/26
The Shore @ Tangier

Tuesday, 1/27
South on KEXP @ 1pm PST. Click here to listen.
Want a sneak peak for Saturday’s show? Listen to them while they stop by Univ. of Washington’s station for a live performance and witty banter. They’re English, so there is bound to be witty banter.

Mother Superior @ Amoeba (In-store)
You might know them from playing as part of the Rollins Band. They are LA staples, who's latest disc got praised by Dan Aquilante of the NY Post, which is quite a feat for band that puts out their own records.

Wednesday, 1/28
Coheed & Cambria @ Troubadour

Yes @ Tower (in Sherman Oaks)
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thursday, 1/29
Travis @ The Wiltern
They’re new one isn’t fantastic, but you can’t deny that they have written some great songs. They make me want to move to the UK, like some people I know.

The Bronx @ The Troubadour
I like The Bronx.

Jordan Knight @ The Roxy
Thank God I’m going to Travis this night, because otherwise I would have to go to this show just for nostalgia’s sake. Here is a man who sold out Giants Stadium, and is now playing this small venue. I would have to make a “Jordan’s Got the Right Stuff” banner if I went though, but who’s got that kind of time anymore?

Friday, 1/30
Fiery Furnaces w/ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists @ The Echo
I might have to break my not going out on Fridays anymore rule to see this show. This is a double-threat bill.

Saturday, 1/31
South w/ Metric @ The El Rey
This show makes me want to jump up and down and scream “Boo Ya” at the top of my lungs. If you go to this show, I will be the girl doing just that right in front in totally unpractical shoes. Come say hi to me.

Sunday, 2/1
The Superbowl on some channel at some time.
I only like the Superbowl for all the food that I consume while watching it.

Saturday, January 24, 2004


Wow. The Thrills rocked last night. I like their album, their sound, and the fact they’re cute Irish boys, but they totally surpassed my expectations. Some of their ballads slowed down their momentum, but then bam! they would come back with the rock and totally suck you in. They played some new songs too that totally were instant crowd pleasers, which was a feat since the crowd was 90% industry. Seriously, the light beaming from everyone’s Blackberry was almost blinding. Retch. Regardless, it was a great show, and I have Scott to thank for “getting me out of the house.” We also saw Hayden Christensen at Dan Tana's before the show. If you've ever been to Dan Tana's you know how crowded it is, which basically means you have no personal space at all while enjoying a drink at the bar. It goes without saying, I was more than happy to give up my personal space for Anakin Skywaker. I forgot how tired I was from staying out too late the night before seeing Rich Robinson (who was also fantastic). Tonight I begin my hibernation. Let’s see how long I can go. Trips to the 99cent store for chocolate icing and Swedish fish don’t count as going out. A vegetarian has to eat, doesn’t she?

On a side note, Cindy, one of my pregnant friends, is hilarious. She wrote me this e-mail about finding her first stretch mark. I’m so proud. She’s also the genius that suggested I start my own website months after I starting doing this one and sent her the link. She’s from Long Island, so I forgive her.

It's 4pm and I am still in bed. All is right in the world.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Goodbye Friend

Bob Keeshan, aka Captain Kangaroo, died today. Captain Kangaroo used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid, and I don’t mean that in an ironic, VH1’s “I Love the ‘80’s” kind of way. I loved it when the ping pong balls would fall on Captain Kangaroo’s head. I have a feeling that’s where Nickelodeon’s “You Can’t Do That on Television” stole the idea to have people slimed on their show. Regardless, it’s a sad day for children’s television.

On a side note, and I can’t believe I’m even mentioning this couple because they are now working full time to replace the void that Bennifer has left now that they’re over, but rumor has it that Ashton and Demi are engaged. I think they’re just doing it for a free toaster.

Thursday, January 22, 2004


Subpop rules. Click here.

The greatest show on Earth?

No, not Barnum and Bailey's circus. It's Coachella. And while it's probably not the greatest show on Earth, it sure is a good time. Here's the official press release from yesterday:

"DATE: JANUARY 21, 2004

The Cure have just been confirmed as Sunday night’s headliners for the COACHELLA VALLEY MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL, set to take place Saturday, May 1 and Sunday, May 2. As previously reported, this announcement comes on the heels of news that Radiohead will headline the Saturday night line-up which will also be highlighted by an historic reunion from The Pixies and the return of Kraftwerk.
Described as “The Best American Festival” (Rolling Stone), “probably the best festival in the world” (England’s NME) and “the most significant annual pop event in the country” (Los Angeles Times), this marks the festival’s fifth year at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA. The Goldenvoice-promoted event is an unparalleled cutting-edge musical experience in a peaceful and breathtakingly beautiful setting that last year attracted 68,000 music fans.

Of the 2003 festival--which featured headliners Beastie Boys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers--Rolling Stone noted: “Coachella remains astonishingly comfy and civilized...,” while Steve Sutherland of the U.K.’s NME lauded: “One day all festivals will be as cool as Coachella. California’s Coachella festival ranks as one of the best in the has the line-up, the guest list and the weather other festivals would kill for” (May 10, 2003). Writing in the Los Angeles Times (April 24, 2003), Robert Hilburn noted: “Think of this pop-rock showcase as the Kentucky Derby of rock--the place where the world’s most promising new bands and a sampling of worthy old ones come together in a lovely outdoor setting to test their thoroughbred credentials...the most significant annual pop event in the country...”

Fans traveling from around the country and overseas will be able to experience a truly diverse line-up of music in four musical areas spread out over 78 acres amid gorgeous desert sunsets, towering palm trees and mountainous views.

Tickets for the festival go on sale Saturday, February 14th at Noon. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (213) 480-3232, at all Ticketmaster retail ticket centers or via ticketmaster. General admission tickets are priced at $75.00 per day, with a limited amount of 2-day tickets available for $140.00 plus $1.00 per day for charity. In the Coachella festival tradition, there is free parking and the doors to the venue will open at noon on both days. Parking lots open at 9:00 AM.

For information about nearby hotels, camping facilities, restaurants and more, click here."


Jose Velez, 18, needed seven stitches to close this facial wound caused by a deranged subway rider who bit him and Velez's grandfather on the 7 train in Queens.

A crazed straphanger bit off the thumb of a 71-year-old Queens man and chewed his grandson's face during a wild attack in a packed rush-hour subway car, police said yesterday.

The nightmare on the Flushing-bound 7 train began at 5 p.m. Monday when a disheveled and drunken man jumped 18-year-old Jose Velez, ripped off his own shirt and screamed, "I'm bad. You're nothing. I'm a badass."

"He took his thumb right off, and my grandfather just started screaming," the teen added. Ivan Rodriguez, 26, spat out the top of Hidalgo's left thumb, Velez said. The grandfather, a diabetic, was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where doctors tried unsuccessfully to reattach the digit.

Rodriguez was arrested after police, who were alerted by train workers, rushed in at the 69th St. station to help Velez, who had wrestled his attacker to the ground despite the blood gushing from the bite on his left cheek.
(From NY Daily News)

I'd much rather be shot or stabbed than bitten. That's so personal. Ick.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Everybody's doing it

Here's a conversation I had this morning with my friend Sergio. Our IM names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sergio: did you watch bush last night?
SoSaysI: no, I was picking a friend up at the airport.
SoSaysI: but I did read excerpts
SoSaysI: and was not into the part about not legalizing gay marriages
Sergio: oh, do you run a shuttle service now?
SoSaysI: yes, I do have a hybrid after all
Sergio: I had an observation that I wrote to Nick about, I wanted to see if you noticed it too
SoSaysI: about the speech?
Sergio: about him, more
SoSaysI: which is... just tell me
Sergio: it's something about his delivery--at numerous points in the speech; it looked like he was trying to hold back laughter
SoSaysI: he smirks
SoSaysI: a lot
Sergio: it was weird
SoSaysI: I'll have to see if I notice that
Sergio: do you remember my friend Rui?
SoSaysI: yes
SoSaysI: is he having a baby?
Sergio: yes, he's huge
Sergio: no, he's getting married Saturday
SoSaysI: I thought maybe he already was, so that's why I asked about the baby
SoSaysI: are you best man?
Sergio: no, I'm an assistant best man
SoSaysI: nice.
SoSaysI: are you excited?
Sergio: yeah, I think it'll be another "growing up" moment
SoSaysI: yeah... I just found out this weekend my best friend from childhood is pregnant and going to get married
Sergio: whoa
SoSaysI: that's 2 babies and 2 weddings between 3 friends in the next couple of months
SoSaysI: I'm going to be broke between all the flying home and presents
Sergio: you could always just cancel your friendship
SoSaysI: I just might have to
SoSaysI: I'm also going to register for my 30th birthday if I'm still single and not a mom
SoSaysI: I need a toaster just as badly as they do
Sergio: lol
Sergio: seriously
Sergio: if I get married when I'm 35, chances are I'll already have bought all the crap people are getting free now
SoSaysI: totally
Sergio: do you want to get married?
SoSaysI: so at that time, just register at a bank. Make them buy you CDs or bonds
SoSaysI: when I find the right person, I do
Sergio: haha
SoSaysI: this is going into the blog
SoSaysI: it's a great topic
Sergio: no, I meant me we'll do a full wedding, then quickie divorce
SoSaysI: just for a toaster? Sure!
Sergio: we can probably get more stuff if you say you're pregnant, even more
SoSaysI: but it will be all baby crap. I want stuff for me. I'm selfish like that
SoSaysI: and what are you going to do with a diaper genie?
Sergio: pawn it
SoSaysI: I like the way you think.
Sergio: of course, the outcry that results after our fraud is discovered will require us to change all of our meaningful relationships
Sergio: but we may get a really nice toaster -- one with a timer
SoSaysI: then it would be worth it. I like toast. Screw atkins:
Sergio: "We congratulate New York for their willingness to dispense with journalistic ethics in order to run a cheap story."
Sergio: funny stuff
SoSaysI: yeah. I liked that sentence too. Maybe we should get married.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

For you politically minded music fans:

The 11th Annual Rock the Vote Awards will beheld on Sat., Feb. 7 and feature N*E*R*D and the Black Eyed Peas at the Los Angeles Palladium. The Dixie Chicks will be honored with the Rock the Vote Patrick Lippert Award and Richard Foos, the founder of both Rhino Records and Rock the Vote, will take home the 2004 Rock the Vote Founders Award. The Rock the Vote Awards in memory of Patrick Lippert commemorate Rock the Vote's first executive director, who died of complications from AIDS in July 1993. Tickets for the fundraiser can be bought here or by calling (310) 491-1401. (from HITS)

Monday, January 19, 2004

On Tap

Happy Martin Luther King Day. This weekend was long and eventfull. Saturday's Mark Kozelek show was really good. It sold out, and the entire crowd was hanging on every word that Mark said or sang. It was was almost cult-like, but in an uncreepy way. I made a friend at the show that totally reminded me of Donnie Darko. I had to bite my tongue because I kept wanting to ask him if he had a rabbit named Frank as a friend. I didn't want to insult him though, and wasn't sure if he would get the joke. Sunday, I saw Along Came Polly with my bro. That is two hours I will never get back. Sunday night, I went to see some friends DJ at the Bigfoot Lounge. There was an unconfirmed rumor that Luke Wilson was there, but I missed him (ed note: Darn it!!!!). Kevin, knowing that was going into the blog, wanted me to make sure I said "unconfirmed" since I didn't see him with my own two eyes and he's a real journalist. Nick and Ben were also there (this I know because we even conversed), and are in town shooting a video and taping a performance for Kilborn. It was a good night, but what made it better was knowing I had today off. Yay for three day weekends.

Monday, 1/19
Death Cab for Cutie on Craig Kilborn
I wonder if Craigers enjoys the Death Cab.

Tuesday, 1/20
Michael Penn @ Largo
My bro turned me onto Michael Penn when I was in grade school, back before he went off to college and was still around for me to steal his tapes or CDs. I also stole his Body Count (aka, Ice T’s hard rock band) tape. Michael Penn sounds nothing like Body Count, but he is married to Amy Mann and the brother of Sean Penn. I hate to even let people know that because he is so darn talented in his own right. Ah well. Enough about that.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s on Jimmy Kimmel
Because tomorrow night’s show is sold out.

Wednesday, 1/21
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s @Troubadour
Like I said, this is sold out. For those of you who have tickets, you are probably stoked because they could be selling out bigger venues, yet are playing this smaller one instead. Between you and me though I think this band is totally over-rated. I know, I know… I’m so not cool. Everyone says their CD will grow on me, but every time I go to put the thing in, I decide to listen to something I know I like instead. One of these days I might give it a chance and totally love it. I do enjoy their live show though. Karen O’s quite the entertainer.

Richard Buckner @ Silverlake Lounge
Alt-country hero.

Thursday, 1/22

Rich Robinson @ The Viper Room
Rich Robinson is so talented it hurts. He had this side project for about a second called Hookah Brown that was seriously awesome. It’s not my usual thing, and I was never a huge Black Crowes fan, but when I heard his solo stuff I stopped everything and just kept my eyes glues on stereo as if I wasn’t believing what was coming out of it. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but seriously, go to this show. You will thank me.

Jay Farrar @ Troubadour
Jay was in Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt. If I wasn’t already going to Rich Robinson, I would be at this show.

Friday, 1/23
The Thrills w/ Patrick Park @ Troubadour
Cute Irish boys playing Californian sunshine music. And they say to write about what you know… hogwash.

Phantom Planet on Letterman
People are digging the new stuff. TIVO it and check it out for yourself.

Saturday, 1/24
Hilary Duff @ Universal Amphitheatre
I love watching the Disney Channel on a Saturday morning while still waking up. Even Stevens is my favorite.

Hank III @ Troubadour
Rock/country bad boy. Ryan Adams stole his shtick.

The Groundlings – The Reckoning.
LA’s comedy breeding ground. Will Ferrell used to be a Groundling. So did Phil Hartman. There is more, but I’m forgetting them.

Sunday, 1/25
400 Blows @ The Derby
LA Punk rock

Friday, January 16, 2004


AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - White socks have been declared indecent by the Dutch Finance Ministry.

A ministry official on Tuesday confirmed a recent internal publication that proclaimed white sports socks "transgress the limits of decent dress behavior" for ministry employees.

The officials were also expected to wear dark blue or gray suits in order to convey "reliability and professionalism."

"People are expected to dress in accordance with their function," said a spokeswoman, stressing there were no strict controls.

Those Europeans know fashion. Ryan: take note. You weren’t given black socks for Christmas by accident.

From John in the Morning.

Pitchfork scooped!

Pitchfork wrote about the Album Leaf show… and even the Nicky Hilton sighting. Um that was so last week. But as long as they are giving my friends love, they can write about them whenever they want.
Thanks to Kevin for the head's up.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Win a free night at the movies.

Want to see Win a Date with Tad Hamilton before it opens? Call 818-695-3131 to RVSP for you and a guest to see it on Wednesday, Jan 21st at 7:30pm at the AMC Theaters in Century City. The first 200 people to call will get in. I like that Topher Grace.

Also, Jimmy T will be DJing on KXLU today from 2-6pm. So while everyone is wetting their pants over the new "Indie" 103.1fm, remember that LA already has great radio.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My friends rule

Thanks to everyone for popping in and seeing if I was ok from this morning. That was so nice of you all. I'm in a much better mood now.

So on a more upbeat note, here is some info on how to raise money for a great cause, get a little exercise and see a hockey game all in one day. I'm going to do it, so if anyone is interested and wants to join me, feel free to drop me an e-mail. I also plan on seeing British Sea Power that night, so even if you don’t join me on the run, you’re welcome to buy me a drink at the show.

3rd Annual Maui Wowi L.A. Kings 5k Run

To benefit: Kings Care Foundation for Cancer

When: Saturday, Feb. 28th, 2004, 8 am race time

Register before Jan. 30th: $30.00 per runner, includes a ticket to LA Kings vs. Anaheim Mighty Ducks game (based on availability) at 1pm after race and free t-shirt. Additional game tickets start at $26.00.

Register after Jan. 30th: $35.00 per runner

Pre-register online here.

This is why I don't have nice things...

I was rear-ended this morning on my way into work... IN MY NEW CAR!!! My first thought was, NOT IN MY FUCKING NEW CAR. My second thought was one of pride for not being the cause of the accident. That’s a first for me. (I’m a horrible driver). The poor girl that hit me was totally shaken and looked scared to death I was going to be a nightmare claiming physical trauma or something. I was fine, and the only damage was a slight little circular mark in my fender. It’s something I can live with, and she didn’t seem the type to have excess cash to pay for my own shallowness in having a perfect car, so I let it go. We didn’t call anyone or even exchange insurance (dumb I know), but I did get her number in case something does happen with the car, which it won’t. All said and done, it could have been worse. But I’m still cranky now because of it. I need chocolate now.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Boomers Vs. Gen X

Chris sent me this story about Gen Xers and Baby Boomers working together. If you’re too lazy to actually read it--even though you should because it was interesting--I will sum it up for you here:

GEN X – character traits
Born between 1965 and 1980
Numbered 46 million
Independent, skeptical and flexible
They know computers inside and out
They like money, but they also say they want balance in their lives.

BOOMERS – character traits
born between 1946 and 1964
Numbered at almost 80 million strong
Tend to give themselves over to their jobs
Believe in paying dues, playing by the rules and building careers
Believe in people skills
Had to learn and adapt to the growth in technology while already in the workplace

Basically, the Boomers think Gen X have no work ethic and expect to start at the top. Gen X think the Boomers are out of touch. There are more Boomers than Gen Xers, but slowly, the Boomers are beginning to retire. This leaves the door open for the up-coming group, known as Millennials or Generation Y, which is numbered around 76 million. They are just beginning to turn 21, so don’t worry about your day job just yet. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. If they are anything like us, they will rise up the corporate ladder just as fast and overtake the generation before them much like we did.

On a related note, LA Reid is no longer the President of Arista Records thanks to the BMG/Sony merger. Reid took over when Clive Davis was forced to step down as President. It was a big deal at the time, since he didn’t really have the kind of experience that Clive did (i.e. he was young). But he succeeded, breaking artists like Pink, Avril Lavigne and OutKast. Clive, never to be one counted as out, went on to start his own label, J Records, which broke Alicia Keys. These two are a great example of the Boomer vs. the Gen Xer. If anything, it proves both generations are competent, but each just have a different way of doing things.

Don't mess with Robert Van Winkle

Caught the re-run of the Surreal Life last night… Vanilla Ice frightens me. He’s just so angry. And he believes we are all aliens. Anger and stupidity is a scary combo. Tammy Faye seems really sweet and fragile. You almost forget she stole money from her followers. And since when did Trishelle from the Real World get so mouthy and outgoing? I bet the producers told her to get in there and stir the pot. So here’s yet another reality show I’m hooked on. Great. Just what I needed. Will someone buy me a TIVO so I can still have a life please?

Also, just read on Productshop that David Sedaris will have a new book coming out on June 1st called Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. About time. For my fellow Los Angelinos; David will be appearing at UCLA’s Royce Hall on June 24th and 25th. Buy your tickets now. This will sell out. I’ve gone to a few of David’s live readings, and they never disappoint. It’s also nice to see a lot of people geeking out together over a writer.

Monday, January 12, 2004

On Tap

I’m sick. I’m losing my voice, I’m totally congested, and I feel like poop. But the show(s) must go on.
Before I get into this week’s festivities, check out this story about teenagers blogging that Matthew was so kind enough to send me this morning. And no Matthew, I'm not mad at my parents.
Also, Annie had a hot tip on Grand Royal selling their stuff.

Monday 1/12
Go Betty Go @ Spaceland
They are Monday residents this month.

Tuesday 1/13
BPM presents The Crystal Method CD Release Party @ Garden of Eden
The boys TCM will deliver a DJ set along with KCRW and KROQ favorite Jason Bentley as well as BPM's very own David Ireland. You need to RSVP to to get into this shindig.

Wednesday 1/14
Stay home. It’s the new going out.

Thursday 1/15
Dave Matthews @ Staples Center
I don’t really like Dave Matthews, but I can’t think of anything else to suggest on this night.

Friday 1/16
The Decemberists @ Spaceland
This will be a good show. I need to get their album.

Saturday 1/17

Mark Kozelek @ The Troubadour
Mark’s latest project, Sun Kil Moon is excellent of course. Go to this show with your loved one and cry.

The Decemberists @ The Echo
In case you didn’t catch their Spaceland show the night before.

Sunday 1/18
The Gossip @ Troubadour

Visqueen @ Knitting Factory
Female Green Day from Seattle. I love them. Kim Warnick from the Fastbacks is the bassist. Do you need more reasons than that?

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Where's the reality?

The show Average Joe is really insulting. None of the guys on that show are average. They're completely over the top whether they are nerdy looking looking, too skinny or over-weight, or just plain socially awkward. And remember when the Real World had real people on it? Now it's just Spring Break but for 3 months in a house. It's annoying. I'm just hoping the second season of the Surreal Life doesn't let me down. The last one was so much fun between Corey Feldman being a complete loon and the heart-warming friendship Hammer and Emmanuel Lewis fostered. This season has Vanilla Ice, Tammy Faye Baker, Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada, Traci Bingham and Trishelle from the Real World. Typing that last sentence bummed me out. The fact that it's come to that for these people makes me feel bad for them. Going up against Sex in the City doesn't help either. It's one thing to be on a reality television show, but it's another to be on an un-watched one. It's just too sad for words.
On an up note, I do love the show Celebrity Poker. Their choices for guests are just so good. Michael Ian Black, Sarah Silverman, Paul Rudd... all they need is Donal Logue and Hal Sparks and they are set. It worked for VH1, afterall.

Friday, January 09, 2004


So I’ve noticed certain things to be true of most blogs/bloggers:

1) They like Interpol. A lot. They also seem to have something to say about them often, even though their one and only album is 2 years old now.
2) They speak a new language. Obvs.
3) They like reality TV, especially if it involves wealthy females.
4) Most people get their news from someone like CNN. A blogger gets theirs from Pitchfork.
5) They believe all the hype that NME spits out.
6) They love a good scandal, i.e. Britney marrying, the Paris sex tape or Jack White beating the crap out of someone.
7) They see Gawker as an authority on blogs/blogging.
8) They are full of suggestions of who to listen to and what shows to attend.
9) All their other friends are bloggers too, and to express that, their tales of a night out are full of links to their friend’s blogs when they mention their name.
10) They only seem to live in NY or LA.

I’ve also noticed I’m guilty of almost all of these. Call me typical.

The Hipster Hilton

Went to see the Album Leaf last night, who were fantastic. They also just signed with Sub Pop, so congratulations are in order. I would usually liken them to Sigur Ros without a made-up language (or any vocals for that matter), but since Jimmy was actually recently in Iceland working with them that seemed too obvious.

The best part of the night though was the fact that I made Derek and Brian meet me at my house before the show to watch re-runs of the Simple Life, only to find none other than Nicky Hilton (looking particularly orange) at the show with that dude from the movie Rules of Attraction (not Dawson). I’ve never seen people look more bored or bummed out at a show. They were laying all over each other as if their necks were incapable of holding up their own heads and making out. What’s up with Hilton sisters and PDA? They finally left; leaving two full just ordered drinks behind. Pedro, not one to stand for such a blatant waste of alcohol, decided to help himself to Nicky’s abandoned drink. He described it as a vodka drink with a watermelon after-taste. Now Pedro can say that Nicky Hilton bought him a drink. Awesome.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

What's that Bling word mean?

That's what my mom just asked me. But she couldn't remember the word "Bling." She refered to it as some B-word that the kids are using these days. She also called the Blog "Blob." But she did save herself by quickly saying she did know what Friendster was. That is the final nail in the coffin kiddies... my mom is down with Friendster. I might just have to set her up with a page and list her with all "cool" bands to see how many "hipsters" flock to her and ask her out on dates. Watch out Dad.

Don't judge a record by its cover

Record companies actually paid to release these works of art.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Day 7

Still going for the not eating meat thing… so far I’m living on Slim Fast meals—not because I’m trying to lose weight—but because they are really easy to make, I can buy them at Save-On and surprisingly enough they don’t taste like ass. The mac-n-cheese is my fav. But then again, my choices in eateries are often made fun of because I like to dine at the sketchy drive-thru Mexican place in Filipino Town that is on my way home from work. I don’t see the problem with a $2 dollar dinner AND not having to leave the comfort of your car. They’re just jealous that they don’t have a drive thru with bars on its windows near them.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Want to get free?

Capitol Records is looking for bands for The Vines music video.
Casting is in Mid-January, the video will be shot end of January. Looking for all types of bands (male, female, rock, punk, soul, funk, reggae). Must have 3-5 members with a combo of guitars, bass, singer and drums. Must be able to learn Vines songs and have own instruments. Have to be legal to work in US and be 18 years old. Email or call 323-817-7480 for more info.


Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield died of a cocaine overdose. Ozzy Osbourne claims to have died twice after his ATV accident. And we all know by now that the Kink’s Ray Davies was shot chasing after some bad guys (he’s going to be fine though). Doing blow… crashing ATV’s… playing real life cops and robbers… Do I see a trend developing among our older friends? Notice I did not say senior citizens.

Modest Mouse is back with new album coming out on Epic on March 30th. All you computer hackers probably already have it by now. It’s titled “Good News for People Who Love Bad News.” Sounds uplifting. Dan from the Murder City Devils is back in the band. They’re going on tour but LA’s not on the schedule just yet. I’m hoping that will be fixed soon.

Some more sad news: Goldenvoice co-president Rick Van Santen died on Sunday due to complications of having the flu. Rick did a lot for the music scene in LA and will be missed.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Another site worth checking out...

Scott was responsible for this monthly e-mail called "Get Out of the House." It basically gave a run down of everything going on in LA for an entire month. It also had witty observations and inside scoops on deals in LA. Now it's a website. Right now he's got this great link to both a bad review of a Ryan Adams show in Chicago, and Ryan's voicemail to the writer where babbles on for about 3 minutes. Awesomeness. Welcome Get Out LA.

On Tap

I won. I finished that book for my book club finally last night at 11pm. In celebration, I will be out every night this week not reading.

Monday, 1/5
Danger Kitty @ The Viper Room
Monday’s are metal night at the Viper Room. Remember when every night used to be metal night on the ‘strip? I don’t, but I’m just asking…

Tuesday, 1/6
Dredg @ The Roxy
I don’t necessarily endorse this show, but someone gave me their CD 2 years ago and I never listened to it. Then my dear friend Ryan was at my house the other week surveying my CD collection and asked what I thought of them. This story is pointless. I’ve got nothing better to suggest on this night.

Wednesday, 1/7
Transistor Lounge @ Nacional
This is a good night to check out Nacional because they play good music on Wednesdays and you’re probably not pretty enough to get in on a weekend.

Thursday, 1/8
The Album Leaf @ Spaceland
The Album Leaf are good. Go see them.

Friday, 1/9
Ladytron @ The Echo
As far as I’m concerned, Ladytron started the female fauxhawk and are the only ones who have a right to still wear it.

The Fire Theft on Kilborn
Stay in and watch TV. It's the American way.

Saturday, 1/10
Rilo Kiley @ Troubadour.
This show is sold out. I will be standing outside with my Troop Beverly Hills poster for Jenny to sign.

Bar Sinister @ Boardners
Get your Goth on.

Suicide Girls @ The Echo
The NY Times recently wrote a piece about going to a Suicide Girls’ party in Brooklyn. So now they must be cool, right?

Sunday, 1/11
Sex in the City, Episode 2 of the final season.
Stay in and watch it twice in the same night if you are lucky enough to have the east coast feed on your cable.

Sunday, January 04, 2004


Britney joins the ranks of Carmen Elecktra and Dennis Rodman. Well done Brit. You've caused quite a stir in Blogland.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year

They say that your New Year’s night sets the tone for the entire year. If that’s the case, my 2004 will be extremely fun, drama-free, and full of good friends. The night was long, ending at 7am, but I went home in an extremely good mood. I didn’t do anything stupid, didn’t embarrass myself in anyway, and managed to keep my wits about me for the entire night. No next morning “dread” feeling for me. Though that sounds like an uneventful night, it definitely wasn’t. I started at a party at a friend’s house, which was tons o’ fun. After hours I celebrated the opening of Footsie’s, a new bar (again in Highland Park… did I miss the memo on this town being the next “it” place?) brought to you by the infamous guys who own the Shortstop. As if that wasn’t enough, the entire bar decided to keep the party going at David’s house, which thankfully is close to my home which made it an easy last stop for the night. I’m leaving a lot out, but my mom reads this, so I won’t include any naughtiness. Sorry.

So onto the New Year’s resolution: 1) cut down on the meat thing. It started as a joke, but now something I’m really going to shoot for. I did order the veggie BBQ pizza today at lunch, but they were out so I was forced to have the fried chicken on waffles instead. It wasn’t my fault. Really. I am trying. 2) be less tolerant of drinking and driving. LA’s a tough place to get around without using a car, and let’s face it; I’m not getting on the bus in this town ever. But much like using the valet or paying for parking instead of getting a ticket, the cost of a taxi is worth it if you plan on indulging. Ok this one makes me sound old and boring, but I’m ok with that.

Also, I finally sat down and made some progress on that book I’m reading for the book club. My mind did wander a bit in the beginning as I contemplated the jumping jack. Remember having to do those in gym class? Do they provide any amount of real physical gain? I mean has anyone really lost weight or gained muscles by doing jumping jacks? Let’s bring back the jumping jack and find out. I hear it’s the new Pilates. Pass it on.