Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield died of a cocaine overdose. Ozzy Osbourne claims to have died twice after his ATV accident. And we all know by now that the Kink’s Ray Davies was shot chasing after some bad guys (he’s going to be fine though). Doing blow… crashing ATV’s… playing real life cops and robbers… Do I see a trend developing among our older friends? Notice I did not say senior citizens.

Modest Mouse is back with new album coming out on Epic on March 30th. All you computer hackers probably already have it by now. It’s titled “Good News for People Who Love Bad News.” Sounds uplifting. Dan from the Murder City Devils is back in the band. They’re going on tour but LA’s not on the schedule just yet. I’m hoping that will be fixed soon.

Some more sad news: Goldenvoice co-president Rick Van Santen died on Sunday due to complications of having the flu. Rick did a lot for the music scene in LA and will be missed.