Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Everybody's doing it

Here's a conversation I had this morning with my friend Sergio. Our IM names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sergio: did you watch bush last night?
SoSaysI: no, I was picking a friend up at the airport.
SoSaysI: but I did read excerpts
SoSaysI: and was not into the part about not legalizing gay marriages
Sergio: oh, do you run a shuttle service now?
SoSaysI: yes, I do have a hybrid after all
Sergio: I had an observation that I wrote to Nick about, I wanted to see if you noticed it too
SoSaysI: about the speech?
Sergio: about him, more
SoSaysI: which is... just tell me
Sergio: it's something about his delivery--at numerous points in the speech; it looked like he was trying to hold back laughter
SoSaysI: he smirks
SoSaysI: a lot
Sergio: it was weird
SoSaysI: I'll have to see if I notice that
Sergio: do you remember my friend Rui?
SoSaysI: yes
SoSaysI: is he having a baby?
Sergio: yes, he's huge
Sergio: no, he's getting married Saturday
SoSaysI: I thought maybe he already was, so that's why I asked about the baby
SoSaysI: are you best man?
Sergio: no, I'm an assistant best man
SoSaysI: nice.
SoSaysI: are you excited?
Sergio: yeah, I think it'll be another "growing up" moment
SoSaysI: yeah... I just found out this weekend my best friend from childhood is pregnant and going to get married
Sergio: whoa
SoSaysI: that's 2 babies and 2 weddings between 3 friends in the next couple of months
SoSaysI: I'm going to be broke between all the flying home and presents
Sergio: you could always just cancel your friendship
SoSaysI: I just might have to
SoSaysI: I'm also going to register for my 30th birthday if I'm still single and not a mom
SoSaysI: I need a toaster just as badly as they do
Sergio: lol
Sergio: seriously
Sergio: if I get married when I'm 35, chances are I'll already have bought all the crap people are getting free now
SoSaysI: totally
Sergio: do you want to get married?
SoSaysI: so at that time, just register at a bank. Make them buy you CDs or bonds
SoSaysI: when I find the right person, I do
Sergio: haha
SoSaysI: this is going into the blog
SoSaysI: it's a great topic
Sergio: no, I meant me we'll do a full wedding, then quickie divorce
SoSaysI: just for a toaster? Sure!
Sergio: we can probably get more stuff if you say you're pregnant, even more
SoSaysI: but it will be all baby crap. I want stuff for me. I'm selfish like that
SoSaysI: and what are you going to do with a diaper genie?
Sergio: pawn it
SoSaysI: I like the way you think.
Sergio: of course, the outcry that results after our fraud is discovered will require us to change all of our meaningful relationships
Sergio: but we may get a really nice toaster -- one with a timer
SoSaysI: then it would be worth it. I like toast. Screw atkins:
Sergio: "We congratulate New York for their willingness to dispense with journalistic ethics in order to run a cheap story."
Sergio: funny stuff
SoSaysI: yeah. I liked that sentence too. Maybe we should get married.