Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year

They say that your New Year’s night sets the tone for the entire year. If that’s the case, my 2004 will be extremely fun, drama-free, and full of good friends. The night was long, ending at 7am, but I went home in an extremely good mood. I didn’t do anything stupid, didn’t embarrass myself in anyway, and managed to keep my wits about me for the entire night. No next morning “dread” feeling for me. Though that sounds like an uneventful night, it definitely wasn’t. I started at a party at a friend’s house, which was tons o’ fun. After hours I celebrated the opening of Footsie’s, a new bar (again in Highland Park… did I miss the memo on this town being the next “it” place?) brought to you by the infamous guys who own the Shortstop. As if that wasn’t enough, the entire bar decided to keep the party going at David’s house, which thankfully is close to my home which made it an easy last stop for the night. I’m leaving a lot out, but my mom reads this, so I won’t include any naughtiness. Sorry.

So onto the New Year’s resolution: 1) cut down on the meat thing. It started as a joke, but now something I’m really going to shoot for. I did order the veggie BBQ pizza today at lunch, but they were out so I was forced to have the fried chicken on waffles instead. It wasn’t my fault. Really. I am trying. 2) be less tolerant of drinking and driving. LA’s a tough place to get around without using a car, and let’s face it; I’m not getting on the bus in this town ever. But much like using the valet or paying for parking instead of getting a ticket, the cost of a taxi is worth it if you plan on indulging. Ok this one makes me sound old and boring, but I’m ok with that.

Also, I finally sat down and made some progress on that book I’m reading for the book club. My mind did wander a bit in the beginning as I contemplated the jumping jack. Remember having to do those in gym class? Do they provide any amount of real physical gain? I mean has anyone really lost weight or gained muscles by doing jumping jacks? Let’s bring back the jumping jack and find out. I hear it’s the new Pilates. Pass it on.