Friday, January 09, 2004

The Hipster Hilton

Went to see the Album Leaf last night, who were fantastic. They also just signed with Sub Pop, so congratulations are in order. I would usually liken them to Sigur Ros without a made-up language (or any vocals for that matter), but since Jimmy was actually recently in Iceland working with them that seemed too obvious.

The best part of the night though was the fact that I made Derek and Brian meet me at my house before the show to watch re-runs of the Simple Life, only to find none other than Nicky Hilton (looking particularly orange) at the show with that dude from the movie Rules of Attraction (not Dawson). I’ve never seen people look more bored or bummed out at a show. They were laying all over each other as if their necks were incapable of holding up their own heads and making out. What’s up with Hilton sisters and PDA? They finally left; leaving two full just ordered drinks behind. Pedro, not one to stand for such a blatant waste of alcohol, decided to help himself to Nicky’s abandoned drink. He described it as a vodka drink with a watermelon after-taste. Now Pedro can say that Nicky Hilton bought him a drink. Awesome.