Thursday, January 22, 2004


Jose Velez, 18, needed seven stitches to close this facial wound caused by a deranged subway rider who bit him and Velez's grandfather on the 7 train in Queens.

A crazed straphanger bit off the thumb of a 71-year-old Queens man and chewed his grandson's face during a wild attack in a packed rush-hour subway car, police said yesterday.

The nightmare on the Flushing-bound 7 train began at 5 p.m. Monday when a disheveled and drunken man jumped 18-year-old Jose Velez, ripped off his own shirt and screamed, "I'm bad. You're nothing. I'm a badass."

"He took his thumb right off, and my grandfather just started screaming," the teen added. Ivan Rodriguez, 26, spat out the top of Hidalgo's left thumb, Velez said. The grandfather, a diabetic, was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where doctors tried unsuccessfully to reattach the digit.

Rodriguez was arrested after police, who were alerted by train workers, rushed in at the 69th St. station to help Velez, who had wrestled his attacker to the ground despite the blood gushing from the bite on his left cheek.
(From NY Daily News)

I'd much rather be shot or stabbed than bitten. That's so personal. Ick.