Monday, January 26, 2004

On Tap

We had an impromptu gathering at our house last night for the Golden Globes (Don’t be offended I didn’t call. I didn’t know we were having people over until they came). I mentioned my uninterest in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and another girl agreed with me saying she walked out of the darn thing. She’s a stylist who went on to say that it reminded her of a bad day at work. “You know, there is lost jewelry and everyone is trying to find it. Ugh.” I’m still laughing at that comment.

Monday, 1/26
The Shore @ Tangier

Tuesday, 1/27
South on KEXP @ 1pm PST. Click here to listen.
Want a sneak peak for Saturday’s show? Listen to them while they stop by Univ. of Washington’s station for a live performance and witty banter. They’re English, so there is bound to be witty banter.

Mother Superior @ Amoeba (In-store)
You might know them from playing as part of the Rollins Band. They are LA staples, who's latest disc got praised by Dan Aquilante of the NY Post, which is quite a feat for band that puts out their own records.

Wednesday, 1/28
Coheed & Cambria @ Troubadour

Yes @ Tower (in Sherman Oaks)
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Thursday, 1/29
Travis @ The Wiltern
They’re new one isn’t fantastic, but you can’t deny that they have written some great songs. They make me want to move to the UK, like some people I know.

The Bronx @ The Troubadour
I like The Bronx.

Jordan Knight @ The Roxy
Thank God I’m going to Travis this night, because otherwise I would have to go to this show just for nostalgia’s sake. Here is a man who sold out Giants Stadium, and is now playing this small venue. I would have to make a “Jordan’s Got the Right Stuff” banner if I went though, but who’s got that kind of time anymore?

Friday, 1/30
Fiery Furnaces w/ Ted Leo and the Pharmacists @ The Echo
I might have to break my not going out on Fridays anymore rule to see this show. This is a double-threat bill.

Saturday, 1/31
South w/ Metric @ The El Rey
This show makes me want to jump up and down and scream “Boo Ya” at the top of my lungs. If you go to this show, I will be the girl doing just that right in front in totally unpractical shoes. Come say hi to me.

Sunday, 2/1
The Superbowl on some channel at some time.
I only like the Superbowl for all the food that I consume while watching it.