Monday, January 05, 2004

On Tap

I won. I finished that book for my book club finally last night at 11pm. In celebration, I will be out every night this week not reading.

Monday, 1/5
Danger Kitty @ The Viper Room
Monday’s are metal night at the Viper Room. Remember when every night used to be metal night on the ‘strip? I don’t, but I’m just asking…

Tuesday, 1/6
Dredg @ The Roxy
I don’t necessarily endorse this show, but someone gave me their CD 2 years ago and I never listened to it. Then my dear friend Ryan was at my house the other week surveying my CD collection and asked what I thought of them. This story is pointless. I’ve got nothing better to suggest on this night.

Wednesday, 1/7
Transistor Lounge @ Nacional
This is a good night to check out Nacional because they play good music on Wednesdays and you’re probably not pretty enough to get in on a weekend.

Thursday, 1/8
The Album Leaf @ Spaceland
The Album Leaf are good. Go see them.

Friday, 1/9
Ladytron @ The Echo
As far as I’m concerned, Ladytron started the female fauxhawk and are the only ones who have a right to still wear it.

The Fire Theft on Kilborn
Stay in and watch TV. It's the American way.

Saturday, 1/10
Rilo Kiley @ Troubadour.
This show is sold out. I will be standing outside with my Troop Beverly Hills poster for Jenny to sign.

Bar Sinister @ Boardners
Get your Goth on.

Suicide Girls @ The Echo
The NY Times recently wrote a piece about going to a Suicide Girls’ party in Brooklyn. So now they must be cool, right?

Sunday, 1/11
Sex in the City, Episode 2 of the final season.
Stay in and watch it twice in the same night if you are lucky enough to have the east coast feed on your cable.