Monday, January 12, 2004

On Tap

I’m sick. I’m losing my voice, I’m totally congested, and I feel like poop. But the show(s) must go on.
Before I get into this week’s festivities, check out this story about teenagers blogging that Matthew was so kind enough to send me this morning. And no Matthew, I'm not mad at my parents.
Also, Annie had a hot tip on Grand Royal selling their stuff.

Monday 1/12
Go Betty Go @ Spaceland
They are Monday residents this month.

Tuesday 1/13
BPM presents The Crystal Method CD Release Party @ Garden of Eden
The boys TCM will deliver a DJ set along with KCRW and KROQ favorite Jason Bentley as well as BPM's very own David Ireland. You need to RSVP to to get into this shindig.

Wednesday 1/14
Stay home. It’s the new going out.

Thursday 1/15
Dave Matthews @ Staples Center
I don’t really like Dave Matthews, but I can’t think of anything else to suggest on this night.

Friday 1/16
The Decemberists @ Spaceland
This will be a good show. I need to get their album.

Saturday 1/17

Mark Kozelek @ The Troubadour
Mark’s latest project, Sun Kil Moon is excellent of course. Go to this show with your loved one and cry.

The Decemberists @ The Echo
In case you didn’t catch their Spaceland show the night before.

Sunday 1/18
The Gossip @ Troubadour

Visqueen @ Knitting Factory
Female Green Day from Seattle. I love them. Kim Warnick from the Fastbacks is the bassist. Do you need more reasons than that?