Monday, January 19, 2004

On Tap

Happy Martin Luther King Day. This weekend was long and eventfull. Saturday's Mark Kozelek show was really good. It sold out, and the entire crowd was hanging on every word that Mark said or sang. It was was almost cult-like, but in an uncreepy way. I made a friend at the show that totally reminded me of Donnie Darko. I had to bite my tongue because I kept wanting to ask him if he had a rabbit named Frank as a friend. I didn't want to insult him though, and wasn't sure if he would get the joke. Sunday, I saw Along Came Polly with my bro. That is two hours I will never get back. Sunday night, I went to see some friends DJ at the Bigfoot Lounge. There was an unconfirmed rumor that Luke Wilson was there, but I missed him (ed note: Darn it!!!!). Kevin, knowing that was going into the blog, wanted me to make sure I said "unconfirmed" since I didn't see him with my own two eyes and he's a real journalist. Nick and Ben were also there (this I know because we even conversed), and are in town shooting a video and taping a performance for Kilborn. It was a good night, but what made it better was knowing I had today off. Yay for three day weekends.

Monday, 1/19
Death Cab for Cutie on Craig Kilborn
I wonder if Craigers enjoys the Death Cab.

Tuesday, 1/20
Michael Penn @ Largo
My bro turned me onto Michael Penn when I was in grade school, back before he went off to college and was still around for me to steal his tapes or CDs. I also stole his Body Count (aka, Ice T’s hard rock band) tape. Michael Penn sounds nothing like Body Count, but he is married to Amy Mann and the brother of Sean Penn. I hate to even let people know that because he is so darn talented in his own right. Ah well. Enough about that.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s on Jimmy Kimmel
Because tomorrow night’s show is sold out.

Wednesday, 1/21
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s @Troubadour
Like I said, this is sold out. For those of you who have tickets, you are probably stoked because they could be selling out bigger venues, yet are playing this smaller one instead. Between you and me though I think this band is totally over-rated. I know, I know… I’m so not cool. Everyone says their CD will grow on me, but every time I go to put the thing in, I decide to listen to something I know I like instead. One of these days I might give it a chance and totally love it. I do enjoy their live show though. Karen O’s quite the entertainer.

Richard Buckner @ Silverlake Lounge
Alt-country hero.

Thursday, 1/22

Rich Robinson @ The Viper Room
Rich Robinson is so talented it hurts. He had this side project for about a second called Hookah Brown that was seriously awesome. It’s not my usual thing, and I was never a huge Black Crowes fan, but when I heard his solo stuff I stopped everything and just kept my eyes glues on stereo as if I wasn’t believing what was coming out of it. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but seriously, go to this show. You will thank me.

Jay Farrar @ Troubadour
Jay was in Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt. If I wasn’t already going to Rich Robinson, I would be at this show.

Friday, 1/23
The Thrills w/ Patrick Park @ Troubadour
Cute Irish boys playing Californian sunshine music. And they say to write about what you know… hogwash.

Phantom Planet on Letterman
People are digging the new stuff. TIVO it and check it out for yourself.

Saturday, 1/24
Hilary Duff @ Universal Amphitheatre
I love watching the Disney Channel on a Saturday morning while still waking up. Even Stevens is my favorite.

Hank III @ Troubadour
Rock/country bad boy. Ryan Adams stole his shtick.

The Groundlings – The Reckoning.
LA’s comedy breeding ground. Will Ferrell used to be a Groundling. So did Phil Hartman. There is more, but I’m forgetting them.

Sunday, 1/25
400 Blows @ The Derby
LA Punk rock