Friday, January 09, 2004


So I’ve noticed certain things to be true of most blogs/bloggers:

1) They like Interpol. A lot. They also seem to have something to say about them often, even though their one and only album is 2 years old now.
2) They speak a new language. Obvs.
3) They like reality TV, especially if it involves wealthy females.
4) Most people get their news from someone like CNN. A blogger gets theirs from Pitchfork.
5) They believe all the hype that NME spits out.
6) They love a good scandal, i.e. Britney marrying, the Paris sex tape or Jack White beating the crap out of someone.
7) They see Gawker as an authority on blogs/blogging.
8) They are full of suggestions of who to listen to and what shows to attend.
9) All their other friends are bloggers too, and to express that, their tales of a night out are full of links to their friend’s blogs when they mention their name.
10) They only seem to live in NY or LA.

I’ve also noticed I’m guilty of almost all of these. Call me typical.