Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Reality is boring

Last night at an in-store at Amoeba, there was someone being followed around by a camera crew. By the mic hook-up protruding out of his lower back, I knew right away we had a reality tv star in our midst. Stacy recognized him as the dude from Todd TV. I had never heard of the show, so upon further research I found this description:

"Todd TV stars Todd Santos, a 30-year-old Hermosa Beach, California waiter and Massachusetts native who's 'in a rut' and 'has no direction in life.' During the seven episode series, Santos allows viewers to direct all aspects of his life -- from where he works, to whom he dates, to where he lives."

People actually sent someone without direction in his life to an in-store performance by a hair metal band? Um, ok. The best part of this “reality show” taping was when the producer made Todd move from behind the racks of albums while watching the show because they were blocking the shot. It doesn’t get any realer than that.

Some notables for this week that I left out of the On Tap:
Kevin Smith will be speaking at a screening of Clerks at the Nuart this Friday for its 10th Anniversary. Tickets are regularly priced at $9.50.

Also, The Peels will be doing a show with local rock star Kennedy at the Rifle Gallery in Silver Lake on Thursday night. Those of you who weren’t New Kids fans can go to this instead of seeing Jordan Knight at the Roxy.