Monday, January 26, 2004

Save the Service Charges

House of Blues on Sunset is going to hold some big names for concerts to raise money for VH1’s Save the Music program. Tickets went on sale yesterday for the four-night run which begins February 4 with Elvis Costello & the Imposters and Dashboard Confessional, followed by The Strokes (February 5), Stevie Wonder (February 6), and Counting Crows and Jewel (February 7). Here’s the kicker, you can only buy with an American Express card. So basically, only American Express cardholders can donate their money for this charitable cause. Um, ok…
Brian just tried to buy some tickets through Ticketmaster, and the security word he had to type in as part of the process was “costly.” That’s funny. Yes Mr. Ticketmaster, tickets starting $50 before you tack on another million for service charges (which doubtfully go to said charity) are indeed costly.