Friday, January 30, 2004

Sigh and Swoon

Travis were fantastic last night. I seriously don’t get why everyone likes Coldplay better. It’s like the Coke/Pepsi challenge for the new generation. In this case, I prefer Pepsi.

Speaking of preferring Pepsi, I was accompanied to the show by three hot guys, all of which are gay. Here is just a few reasons why straight women love hanging out with gay men. 1) You can check out guys together. 2) Girls will lie and tell you that you look good, even when you don’t. Gay men will tell you that your ass looks fat in those jeans. 3) They aren’t afraid to dance, and are most likely better at it then all your girlfriends. So anyway, thanks to Chris for scoring free tickets and taking Jamie, Jordon and myself along. At one point, Jamie (who said he wanted to be mentioned in the blog, so here it goes) was seriously eyeing this woman as she walked past us. I swear for a second he was straight by the way he looked her over. I asked him what he was looking at, and he laughed and explained that he was eyeing her Marc Jacobs purse and the fact that they didn’t match her shoes. And that is reason #4 why I love gay men.