Saturday, January 10, 2004

Where's the reality?

The show Average Joe is really insulting. None of the guys on that show are average. They're completely over the top whether they are nerdy looking looking, too skinny or over-weight, or just plain socially awkward. And remember when the Real World had real people on it? Now it's just Spring Break but for 3 months in a house. It's annoying. I'm just hoping the second season of the Surreal Life doesn't let me down. The last one was so much fun between Corey Feldman being a complete loon and the heart-warming friendship Hammer and Emmanuel Lewis fostered. This season has Vanilla Ice, Tammy Faye Baker, Ron Jeremy, Erik Estrada, Traci Bingham and Trishelle from the Real World. Typing that last sentence bummed me out. The fact that it's come to that for these people makes me feel bad for them. Going up against Sex in the City doesn't help either. It's one thing to be on a reality television show, but it's another to be on an un-watched one. It's just too sad for words.
On an up note, I do love the show Celebrity Poker. Their choices for guests are just so good. Michael Ian Black, Sarah Silverman, Paul Rudd... all they need is Donal Logue and Hal Sparks and they are set. It worked for VH1, afterall.