Friday, February 27, 2004

I haven’t seen The Passion yet. I asked someone who did see it how it was and she couldn’t answer me because she said she was still “dealing with it.” Dealing with what? The surprise ending? I have to see this soon before the hype makes it unable to live up to.
Ryan said it best: “It’s just another Zombie movie. You know, a guy dies, comes back to life, yadda, yadda, yadda... There are just no eating brains.”

So worth being tired today

I love The Stills. No, I really love The Stills. I love them so much, that in true Ultragrrrl form I screamed to the singer during a quiet part of their set last night “I want to have your babies!!!” because I was so over come on how good they were. The singer (who’s name is Tim) responded “I want to have your babies!”

And that is the story we are going to tell our children about how we met.

Thursday, February 26, 2004


Want to decorate your place with posters from your favorite bands, but don’t want your apartment to look like a dorm room? Check out Patent Pending Design. Limited edition screened artwork that looks even better framed and serve as great memorabilia for some of your favorite tours/shows. They also make excellent gifts if anyone out there wants to buy one for their favorite blogger or something… I mean, I’m sure she would be willing to give out her address for something like that… you know, hypothetically speaking of course.

And I found a CD that made me finally give The Long Winters a break… it’s The Elected’s debut “Me First.” At first listen, it didn’t grab me, but since this is a side project from Blake Sennet (a.k.a. Blake Sloper) from Rilo Kiley, I knew I had to give it a fair chance. After a few more listens, I was hooked. It’s Bright Eyes meet Beachwood Sparks, sang by the kid from Salute Your Shorts (sorry Blake, I had to). Go here and download the songs and see what I mean. They will be playing LA with Azure Ray in April. Consider yourself warned.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A little birdie told me...

...apparently the reason The Pixies are playing such small markets on their current comeback tour is cuz they plan to mount a proper tour this summer with The Cure.

The Buddyhead boys need money. Buy their stuff here.

Monday, February 23, 2004

On Tap

Ok pirates are totally cool. I’m not joking. To attest to this, LA just got itself another great radio station thanks to some non-scurvy carrying pirates (and NOT Clear Channel). You can find it at 104.7fm. Oh, and it’s called Little Radio.
Ralph’s running for President. You knew this though, right?
And Sex in the City came to a close. At least the new Sopranos starts up soon, so my Sunday nights won’t seem completely empty for long.

Monday, 2/23
The Vacation/Snow Patrol @ Spaceland

Tuesday, 2/24
+/- @ Spaceland
Jen put this band on her holiday mix and I fell in love.

Richmond Fontaine @ Silverlake Lounge
Portland rules.

British Sea Power on Kexp @ 1pm
(See below)

Wednesday, 2/25
The Wrens @ Knitting Factory
They are also doing an in-store at 2pm at Sea Level Records for those of you short on cash and with no day job.

The Stills @ The Troubadour
This isn’t sold out yet to my knowledge.

Timonium @ Tangier

Thursday, 2/26
The Stills @ The Troubadour
I have been looking forward to this show for months. If you haven’t bought their album yet you are retarded.

Liz Phair @ The House of Blues
Remember when she used to be cool?

Friday, 2/27
Low @ Spaceland

Saturday, 2/28
British Sea Power @ Spaceland
David Bowie + Interpol + Devo = awesome.

Neko Case @ The Derby
If you could only be two places at once.

LA Kings 5k Run/Kings vs. The Ducks @ The Staple Center
It’s not too late to do this. Go on and sign up. Good Karma awaits.

Sunday, 2/29
British Sea Power @ The Echo (7pm)
Did I mention this band is awesome?

Friday, February 20, 2004

Pirates are so in right now

Sue Carpenter, writer for the LA Times among other publications, just wrote a book called “40 Watts to Nowhere: A Journey into Pirate Radio” about her days running a pirate radio station out of her apartment in LA. You should read it. I celebrated this book release last night by attending her reading at Amoeba followed by a Lady Mo DJ set at The Burgundy before heading over to Little Temple for All Night Radio (jury’s in: they’re good and all, but just not my cup of tea.) Old friends from Seattle who were in town for that thing were also there, which was a really nice treat. The Like performed and just seem to get better every time I see them. Dntel did a set, and The Movies finished up the night, but I left after one song. It was late, I was tired, and the night was already too good to mess up by sticking around too late.

Finally; a sign that Hugh Heffner isn’t as cool as we think he is: "I played Pac-Man so obsessively that I got bursitis and had to start wearing a glove during the games," Heff said. He’s also been known to play "40-hour Pepsi-fueled, Dexedrine-enhanced backgammon or Monopoly marathons." (from Page Six) Call me crazy, but if you have to start wearing a glove due to a video game injury, maybe you just stop playing the game.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Yes way

I just saw a guy on the street riding a Segway. This my first non-P.R. stunt sighting of said vehicle, and it kind of took me by surprise. I wanted to jump out of my car and ask if I could test it out, but the light turned green and I had to get back to work anyway. Are people really going to start riding around in these things? If so, I take back my last entry. Those opting to ride a Segway instead of walking might have to have their burgers sans bun. They sure do look fun though... maybe it's worth it.

Say When

Last night as I crashed into bed tired and worn from the day’s activities, I decided to turn on my TV and mindlessly drift off to sleep. That was my first mistake. I should have picked up the book I’m reading instead of turning on the TV, but that’s another post. To my horror, 'Till Death Do Us Part; the Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro reality show was on and broadcasting Dave getting a colonic to prepare for his up-coming nuptials. I kid you not. You probably saw this as well, or will undoubtedly catch it thanks to MTV’s never ending re-run policy. Mr. Navarro from Jane’s Addiction (and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, briefly) used to be a heroin addict. And I’m glad he’s, ahem, cleaned up, but do we really need to see the extent of his cleanliness? There just should be a line or something. And the fact that he didn’t want to taste samples of possible wedding cakes because he was trying to eat healthy, well, that’s just as lame as guys drinking diet soda. Get over it. Carbs are your friend. Oh, and if I see one more person at a fast food restaurant eating their burgers wrapped in lettuce instead of (gasp) a bun, I might have to scream. If you want to lose weight, don’t order a burger at a fast food restaurant.

Onto something more interesting… Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, Choke, Survivor, Lullaby and more, has a new short story out called Guts. It is going to be featured in the March issue of Playboy (yes, you can actually just buy it for the articles). Word on the street (or Productshop NYC in this case) is that people actually fainted while Chuck read Guts at one of his appearances. How’s that for buzz?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Extra Extra!

The Shins are going to be performing on The Gilmore Girls and you can be an extra!

If you live in LA, are over 18, and are available for the whole day of February 19th from 9am on, you can see the Shins along side Rory and Laorelai. To enter, just email with your name, address, and why you should win.

Just Plain Gross

I didn’t want to ever mention the Paris sex tape thing here since it’s everywhere and is just talked about too much. I just don’t think it’s a big deal. I would be more impressed if someone had a tape of Paris going to church on Sunday. That is something you’d have to see to believe. Regardless, today’s Page Six had a revolting entry where Paris’ co-star Rick Solomon confesses to being the one that released the tape and is the one benefiting from it monetarily. But that’s not enough; as you probably already know, he is also suing the Hiltons for libel for $10 million. WTF? He goes on to say: “She'll probably hate me after this, but what are you gonna do?"
Hey Rick: Good thing you taped it, because you are never having sex again.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Ryan let me know that I left off Engine Down from the weekly list of things to do. They are playing this Wednesday night at the Troubadour. Thanks Ryan, now get back to work.

The Yankees continue to buy their way to greatness. No complaints here.

Brian likes to make me nervous about my car. I don’t have LoJack, or special keys, or anything like that. I have theft insurance. Call me old-fashioned. Oh, and I have The Club, but it basically stays in my trunk. I think it looks ugly on my steering wheel. Call me a shallow old-fashioned.

Massage bars in airports are genius.

You can buy Jenny’s number (212-867-5309). (link via Stereogum)

Being on the Real World doesn’t make you rich or get you girls. David from the New Orleans’ cast of The Real World got caught with a $10 hooker.

I saw In America yesterday on the plane ride home. That movie is all about how cute that little girl who played Ariel is. No one else could get away with trick or treating in a crack house except for this little girl because she is so adorable.

Also saw Osama. This movie won a Golden Globe for best foreign picture. It’s about a little girl living in fear of the Taliban who is forced to dress up like a boy in order to earn money for her family now that her father has died in the war and women aren’t allowed to work. It was eye opening and disturbing, but a definite must see.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

On Tap

So my weekend back home has come to a close. Though I love LA more than I ever thought imaginable, there is nothing better than being back home where you grew up. From getting some much needed mothering from my parents to seeing some of my best friends in the world, being home definitely has its advantages. I made this weekend an ambitious one by trying to fit in all the people I wanted to see while getting some major things accomplished. I did manage to see Pitty Sing, Metric and South at the Bowery Ballroom on Friday night. Though I was working on 1 hour of sleep, the show was entertaining enough to make me forget how tired I actually was. That’s a good sign. I also ran into some people randomly at the show that I haven’t seen in years and didn’t know were going to be there. I love it when that happens. It goes to show you what a small town New York actually is. Saturday and Sunday were spent at David’s Bridal. I walked away with two bridesmaid dresses that I actually like. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to wear them again, but if anyone needs a bridesmaid in the LA area with a red or plum colored dress, I’m your girl. And finally, I got together with two friends who I don’t get to see as often as I like. Julian and Al; it was so good to see you guys again. Hopefully some sports team will bring you out west soon.

Monday, 2/16
This is funny. Thanks Scott.

Tuesday, 2/17
The Notwist @ The El Rey
Electronic indie-rock is the new Emo.

The Shins on Conan O’Brien
Good music to be gobbled up by insomniacs.

Wednesday, 2/18
Stay in and plan how you are going to spend your Leap Day.

Thursday, 2/19
The Supersuckers @ The Roxy
Everyone who considers himself or herself a fan of the Rock must see the Supersuckers at least one in the lifetime.

All Night Radio @ Little Temple.
I just got this cd in the mail thanks to Andy. It's the Beachwood Sparks guys making more hippie type rock. The jury is still out on this one.

Friday, 2/20
The French Kicks on Carson Daly
Spoon love The French Kicks. So should you.

Saturday, 2/21
The Walkmen @ The Henry Fonda
You’ve heard them before, but don’t know it since their song was played over a car commercial. Go see them now and realize they are much more than a just a vehicle to sell cars (pun intended).

The Briefs @ The Troubadour
Great Seattle band who Interscope signed and then realized they didn’t know how to market them, so they were dropped. Hopefully they were paid for their time wasted on a major label. Go to this show and request they do “Poor and Weird.”

The Fall Water Project @ The Viper Room
This is co-worker’s band. I’ve never seen them before, but I promised to go. If it sucks and you go, I’ll make him buy you a drink or something.

Sunday, 2/22
Sex in the City – Final Episode
I plan on crying.

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Happy Valentine's Day.
I'm home, and it's cold. I'm spending this romantic weekend by celebrating my friends' up-coming nuptials by going with them to buy my bridesmaid dresses. Yes I meant that sentence read as pural. There are two weddings, and two bridesmaid dresses to be bought. Someone send me money.

I'm extremely happy for them, but if I have to spend another Valentine's Day weekend buying clothes for other peoples' weddings, I might become one of those bitter women. Good thing there are Dunkin Donuts here, because their coffee makes me extremely happy. I've lived in Seattle, the coffee-mecca, and nothing tastes better to me than a cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Public schooling ain't that bad

Don't feel bad if you don't pass. The only ones that matter are the ones near water anyway.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


huh. Though people are saying this is a blatant lie, how soon until people start calling Brodie the new Yoko?

Hug a tree, quick!

Read this article, and then hide under you bed. Sometimes reality is scarier than anything that the film industry could dream up. This article even references to this movie as a possibility of what is to come. Someone hold me now.

I hate to come off preachy (ok, I’m lying, I don’t care how I come off) but this is a good time to look at our candidates and see which ones actually care about the environment.

On a lighter note: Starsailor remind me of Neil Diamond, and not in a good way like Crooked Fingers does. But the lead singer has dimples to die for. All he needs is a trucker hat and he’s Ashton Kutcher.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

You should have been there

I saw the Rodney Bingenheimer documentary titled The Mayor of Sunset Strip last night and I think I’m still depressed from it. If you don’t know who Rodney is, shame on you. He’s basically a music fan. No wait, he’s THE music fan. And his fandom has lead to a non-defunct hit club called English Disco and a regular DJ spot on KROQ which launched the careers of X, David Bowie, The Ramones, and countless others. But he’s just this sweet little guy that celebrities have taken under their wing over the years. He has built himself a little family with rockstars giving him the love he never had from his own parents, which constitutes the depressing part of the movie. For anyone who ever dreamed of moving to LA and making it in the rock scene, this is a must see. It will be released on DVD in March. Netflix it. Until then, tune into his show on KROQ 106.7 from Midnight to 3am on Sundays.

Monday, February 09, 2004

On Tap

Thanks to Kevin, I went to the Nada Surf show last night. The entire bill was solid with local kids The Few, who are delicious, and The Long Winters who are probably in my top three favorite bands at the moment. This show was all about The Long Winters though. They are like Prozac taken through your ears. My cheeks hurt from smiling through their entire set. Not only are their songs smart and vocals beautiful, but their banter is hilarious. John (singer) and Sean (keyboard/back-up vocals) are so witty, you wish you could take them home with you so they could entertain you all the time. I can’t say enough about them. Seriously, go buy their album right now.

Oh, and yes, the OC kids where at this show as well. I don’t know who is stalking who at this point.

Monday, 2/9
Gomez @ The Avalon
British hippies. Who knew? Once it-band, who continues to jam even though the fickle public seem to not care anymore.

Tuesday, 2/10
Starsailor @ Amoeba (in-store performance, 7pm)
Another brit-melodic type band. File under Travis, Coldplay, South. Go and ask them if Phil Spector is as crazy as we all know he is.

Probot Listening Party @ Beauty Bar (8:30pm)
While at the Starsailor in-store, pick up a copy of Dave Grohl’s metal side project and get in free to their album release/listening party at one of the best bars in Hollywood.

Dizzee Rascal on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Stay up late and see what all the fuss is about.

Wednesday, 2/11
The Jealous Sound/Jackson/Silversun Pickups @ The Troubadour
This entire bill is awesome. Sivlersun are local kids who admittedly play around town almost too much. Jackson is Chris' from the Foo Fighters side project. And the Jealous Sound are just plan awesome.

Thursday, 2/12
Mates of States @ The Troubadour
Meg White and Jack White stole their shtick. Pass it on.

Friday, 2/13
South/Metric/Pitty Sing @ Bowery Ballroom (NYC)
This is where I’ll be, jet lagged and tired, but enjoying the show I’m sure.

Bronson DJing at Pete Metzger's art opening @ Gallery Ophelia (2113 Colorado Blvd)
6-10pm. Go get some culture.

Saturday, 2/14
Coachella tickets on sale.

Sunday, 2/15
Do something. You don’t have to work tomorrow.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Rock the Something or Other

At the Rock the Vote awards last night, the crowd seemed much more impressed with themselves than the people on the stage. No one took notice of any of the performers until The Pussycat Dolls came onstage, and that was the after-party. I wasn’t paying attention because I was still swooning from seeing Jake Gyllenhaal walk by me. But he came and went, and I was stuck in a virtual WB kids party all night. Not fair. Of course the cast of The OC were there because they like the rock. I waiting for them to start recognizing me at this point. P. Diddy showed up, which is amazing since it was the same night as the Clive Davis party. I’m sure he multi-tasked it. And I congratulated JC Chasez on his NFL statement in response to them pulling him from performing at some game. I should have said nice job on your manager’s part for approving such a well-written statement by your publicist, but I’m sure he is a busy guy so I kept it short.

But enough star spotting, since the night was about rocking, let me go back to that. Fountains of Wayne were up first. They’re from Jersey, so they are ok by me. Next was the Black Eyed Peas. I feel blasé about them. I can see why people would like them though. Then N*E*R*D* came on. And I like NERD. Then Good Charlotte joined them onstage. And now I don’t know what to think. They don’t need pop punk kids to put on a good show. Why would they do that? It makes no sense to me. I understand they are crossing over and blurring genres and We are the World and all that, but come on… it’s Good Charlotte! All and all, I had a lot of fun. I have to wonder though how many people from last night, performers included, will actually vote in the up-coming election.

Register to vote here.

I also saw The Dreamers on Friday night. Controversary aside, it was a good movie. Go see it.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Too much wine, not enough cheese

Last night I went to a wine and cheese party for women in the entertainment industry. As the title suggests, I may have indulged too much on the first part and not enough on the second. But it wasn’t my fault. They had man-servants coming around every two seconds to refill our glasses. I couldn’t keep tabs on how many I had because my glass was never near being empty. Wine stinks because then I wake up at 5am and can’t get back to sleep, so I’m reduced to watching Mrs. Doubtfire on cable until the sun rises.

I did find out that tickets for Prince at the House of Blues go on sale today at noon. He’s schedule to play at midnight on Sunday night after the Grammy’s. But those looking to go hear some of their favorite Artist Formerly Known as an Unpronounceable Symbol tunes will be disappointed. The purple one will only be performing his new stuff.

My favorite part of the evening was being stuck in traffic for an hour trying to get to the party. Last night, my sister-in-law had the honors of entertaining me via cell phone while I sat idle in my car for no apparent reason. I know everyone says it’s bad to talk on the phone while driving, but I think it curbs road rage.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ice Cube for Best Actor

I’m listening to the new Norah Jones album right now courtesy of VH1 (thanks to Coolfer), and the song “Creepin In” sounds like Dolly Parton. They say that Norah Jones is an old soul, but I didn’t know she was that old.

Last night I saw a screening of Barbershop 2. Mind you, I never saw the first Barbershop, but I was able to catch on right away that it was about people cutting hair. I’m quick, what can I say? I actually really liked it. And between you and me, I cried at the end when Ice Cube gave his touching speech at a town meeting. Yes, I cried at Barbershop 2. Now you may never want to take any suggestions I give here for music or movies seriously, but if you don’t cry at Barbershop 2, then maybe you are dead inside. That’s all I’m saying on that.

And finally, Tower is filling Chapter 11 and Clive Davis is back as head of BMG. I hate to connect the two, because they really don’t have much to do with each other, but if the music industry is faltering because technology is taking away from actual sales, wouldn’t you want to appoint someone who is more tech savvy or apt to come up with innovative ways to play along with technology in order to find different methods of producing revenue instead of going back to the old boss that you once fired? Call me crazy, but I think Bill Gates would make a better label head than Clive Davis these days. I doubt Bill Gates would find and make Alicia Keys a star (and an over-rated one at that), but he could hire the best ears in the biz to do that for him. All he needs to do is create software we can’t listen to music without, and before you know it, the music industry is back.

I like to over-simplify things and make like I can solve problems before my second cup of coffee in the morning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment for the day.

Note: If you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic here. Don’t e-mail me with reasons why that won’t work. You’re wasting your time and taking this blog way too seriously.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Selling Out

While at Amoeba the other day, I tried to buy an import of the Franz Ferdinand record. They were out. They’ve been out, and according to the helpful people at the information booth, they can’t get them in fast enough. They get about 40 requests for this album EVERY DAY. Go hype machine, go. So I’m buying it through Insound, who are currently taking pre-orders, since the album is officially released on March 9th, and will include an import 7” of “Take Me Out” for free. If this sounds like a good thing to you, click here. But hurry, they will go quick.

And finally, I got an e-mail from Ralph Nader this morning. Yup, we’re tight like that. Here it goes:

Dear Nader 2000 list subscriber,

I am considering whether or not to run for President in 2004, and because of your past support, you are invited to keep up to date and provide input about any potential run this year.

I intend to decide soon. Please take a minute right now to sign up at my exploratory committee’s website at the following link.

I hope you remain interested and personally involved in our country’s elections at all levels. Thank you for your support in 2000.


Ralph Nader

There is way too much to say on this topic right now, and I have work to do. But I’ll come back with my rant one of these days on why Nader rules, why I don’t like Bush-bashing, and why I doubt I’ll ever vote for Ralph again for President.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

It's the end of the world as we know it

I love a good disaster film. Hopefully this one is a good as it looks.

Monday, February 02, 2004

On Tap

Happy Groundhog Day. Happy Birthday Grandma. Happy February. Can you believe it’s February already? I swear Halloween was yesterday.

I don’t even know where to begin on my recount of Saturday night. The show was so much fun, and I can’t believe how many people were there singing along and dancing to Metric. Their last show at the troubadour had like 50 people at it. This time they sold out the El Rey, and everyone seemed to be there for them. They are an odd pairing for South, who are more of a sit-back-and-enjoy kind of band. That kind of made it hard for them to connect to the audience after Metric. But South are fantastic and some of my favorite people in the world, so go buy their album. I hung out way too late after the show, but since these folks live on the other side of the pond, I figured I could afford to be a little tired the next day. Towards the end of the night we realized I will be in New York for their Bowery Ballroom show, so we get to do it all over again. Yippee.

I have to mention that the hobbits have to be some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I still don’t get their movies though.

Monday, 2/2
The Vacation @ Spaceland
The Vacation is the February Free-Monday residents. I’ve heard good things, but tonight will be my first time seeing them. I can’t say it will be good, but I can guarantee it will be worth every penny.

Tuesday, 2/3
David Bowie @ The Wiltern
Good luck even trying to get tickets for this sold out show.

John Frusciante @ The Knitting Factory
RHCP’s guitarist goes it alone. He kind of scares me.

The Blood Brothers @ The Troubadour

Wednesday, 2/4
X @ Key Club
I hear seeing Exene perform now is kind of depressing.

Los Lonely Boys @ The Troubadour
Highly recommended.

Thursday, 2/5
The Shins @ The Henry Fonda
They are also playing Friday night. I like the Shins, but stop asking if I named this site after their song.

Friday, 2/6
On the Speakers @ Spaceland
I’ve mentioned them a million times here. Go see them already.

Saturday, 2/7
Rock the Vote Awards @ The Palladium
N*E*R*D, Fountains of Wayne, Black Eyed Peas & Special Guests. More importantly, register to vote here.

Sunday, 2/8
Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

Nada Surf/The Long Winters @ Troubadour
For those of you who don’t know, Nada Surf is much much more than that “Popular” song. And the Long Winters’ song “Cinnamon” is as addicting as crack.