Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ice Cube for Best Actor

I’m listening to the new Norah Jones album right now courtesy of VH1 (thanks to Coolfer), and the song “Creepin In” sounds like Dolly Parton. They say that Norah Jones is an old soul, but I didn’t know she was that old.

Last night I saw a screening of Barbershop 2. Mind you, I never saw the first Barbershop, but I was able to catch on right away that it was about people cutting hair. I’m quick, what can I say? I actually really liked it. And between you and me, I cried at the end when Ice Cube gave his touching speech at a town meeting. Yes, I cried at Barbershop 2. Now you may never want to take any suggestions I give here for music or movies seriously, but if you don’t cry at Barbershop 2, then maybe you are dead inside. That’s all I’m saying on that.

And finally, Tower is filling Chapter 11 and Clive Davis is back as head of BMG. I hate to connect the two, because they really don’t have much to do with each other, but if the music industry is faltering because technology is taking away from actual sales, wouldn’t you want to appoint someone who is more tech savvy or apt to come up with innovative ways to play along with technology in order to find different methods of producing revenue instead of going back to the old boss that you once fired? Call me crazy, but I think Bill Gates would make a better label head than Clive Davis these days. I doubt Bill Gates would find and make Alicia Keys a star (and an over-rated one at that), but he could hire the best ears in the biz to do that for him. All he needs to do is create software we can’t listen to music without, and before you know it, the music industry is back.

I like to over-simplify things and make like I can solve problems before my second cup of coffee in the morning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment for the day.

Note: If you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic here. Don’t e-mail me with reasons why that won’t work. You’re wasting your time and taking this blog way too seriously.