Monday, February 23, 2004

On Tap

Ok pirates are totally cool. I’m not joking. To attest to this, LA just got itself another great radio station thanks to some non-scurvy carrying pirates (and NOT Clear Channel). You can find it at 104.7fm. Oh, and it’s called Little Radio.
Ralph’s running for President. You knew this though, right?
And Sex in the City came to a close. At least the new Sopranos starts up soon, so my Sunday nights won’t seem completely empty for long.

Monday, 2/23
The Vacation/Snow Patrol @ Spaceland

Tuesday, 2/24
+/- @ Spaceland
Jen put this band on her holiday mix and I fell in love.

Richmond Fontaine @ Silverlake Lounge
Portland rules.

British Sea Power on Kexp @ 1pm
(See below)

Wednesday, 2/25
The Wrens @ Knitting Factory
They are also doing an in-store at 2pm at Sea Level Records for those of you short on cash and with no day job.

The Stills @ The Troubadour
This isn’t sold out yet to my knowledge.

Timonium @ Tangier

Thursday, 2/26
The Stills @ The Troubadour
I have been looking forward to this show for months. If you haven’t bought their album yet you are retarded.

Liz Phair @ The House of Blues
Remember when she used to be cool?

Friday, 2/27
Low @ Spaceland

Saturday, 2/28
British Sea Power @ Spaceland
David Bowie + Interpol + Devo = awesome.

Neko Case @ The Derby
If you could only be two places at once.

LA Kings 5k Run/Kings vs. The Ducks @ The Staple Center
It’s not too late to do this. Go on and sign up. Good Karma awaits.

Sunday, 2/29
British Sea Power @ The Echo (7pm)
Did I mention this band is awesome?