Friday, February 20, 2004

Pirates are so in right now

Sue Carpenter, writer for the LA Times among other publications, just wrote a book called “40 Watts to Nowhere: A Journey into Pirate Radio” about her days running a pirate radio station out of her apartment in LA. You should read it. I celebrated this book release last night by attending her reading at Amoeba followed by a Lady Mo DJ set at The Burgundy before heading over to Little Temple for All Night Radio (jury’s in: they’re good and all, but just not my cup of tea.) Old friends from Seattle who were in town for that thing were also there, which was a really nice treat. The Like performed and just seem to get better every time I see them. Dntel did a set, and The Movies finished up the night, but I left after one song. It was late, I was tired, and the night was already too good to mess up by sticking around too late.

Finally; a sign that Hugh Heffner isn’t as cool as we think he is: "I played Pac-Man so obsessively that I got bursitis and had to start wearing a glove during the games," Heff said. He’s also been known to play "40-hour Pepsi-fueled, Dexedrine-enhanced backgammon or Monopoly marathons." (from Page Six) Call me crazy, but if you have to start wearing a glove due to a video game injury, maybe you just stop playing the game.