Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Ryan let me know that I left off Engine Down from the weekly list of things to do. They are playing this Wednesday night at the Troubadour. Thanks Ryan, now get back to work.

The Yankees continue to buy their way to greatness. No complaints here.

Brian likes to make me nervous about my car. I don’t have LoJack, or special keys, or anything like that. I have theft insurance. Call me old-fashioned. Oh, and I have The Club, but it basically stays in my trunk. I think it looks ugly on my steering wheel. Call me a shallow old-fashioned.

Massage bars in airports are genius.

You can buy Jenny’s number (212-867-5309). (link via Stereogum)

Being on the Real World doesn’t make you rich or get you girls. David from the New Orleans’ cast of The Real World got caught with a $10 hooker.

I saw In America yesterday on the plane ride home. That movie is all about how cute that little girl who played Ariel is. No one else could get away with trick or treating in a crack house except for this little girl because she is so adorable.

Also saw Osama. This movie won a Golden Globe for best foreign picture. It’s about a little girl living in fear of the Taliban who is forced to dress up like a boy in order to earn money for her family now that her father has died in the war and women aren’t allowed to work. It was eye opening and disturbing, but a definite must see.