Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Selling Out

While at Amoeba the other day, I tried to buy an import of the Franz Ferdinand record. They were out. They’ve been out, and according to the helpful people at the information booth, they can’t get them in fast enough. They get about 40 requests for this album EVERY DAY. Go hype machine, go. So I’m buying it through Insound, who are currently taking pre-orders, since the album is officially released on March 9th, and will include an import 7” of “Take Me Out” for free. If this sounds like a good thing to you, click here. But hurry, they will go quick.

And finally, I got an e-mail from Ralph Nader this morning. Yup, we’re tight like that. Here it goes:

Dear Nader 2000 list subscriber,

I am considering whether or not to run for President in 2004, and because of your past support, you are invited to keep up to date and provide input about any potential run this year.

I intend to decide soon. Please take a minute right now to sign up at my exploratory committee’s website at the following link.

I hope you remain interested and personally involved in our country’s elections at all levels. Thank you for your support in 2000.


Ralph Nader

There is way too much to say on this topic right now, and I have work to do. But I’ll come back with my rant one of these days on why Nader rules, why I don’t like Bush-bashing, and why I doubt I’ll ever vote for Ralph again for President.