Thursday, February 26, 2004


Want to decorate your place with posters from your favorite bands, but don’t want your apartment to look like a dorm room? Check out Patent Pending Design. Limited edition screened artwork that looks even better framed and serve as great memorabilia for some of your favorite tours/shows. They also make excellent gifts if anyone out there wants to buy one for their favorite blogger or something… I mean, I’m sure she would be willing to give out her address for something like that… you know, hypothetically speaking of course.

And I found a CD that made me finally give The Long Winters a break… it’s The Elected’s debut “Me First.” At first listen, it didn’t grab me, but since this is a side project from Blake Sennet (a.k.a. Blake Sloper) from Rilo Kiley, I knew I had to give it a fair chance. After a few more listens, I was hooked. It’s Bright Eyes meet Beachwood Sparks, sang by the kid from Salute Your Shorts (sorry Blake, I had to). Go here and download the songs and see what I mean. They will be playing LA with Azure Ray in April. Consider yourself warned.